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  1. appal
    • to shock or offend someone very much
    • 놀라게 하다
  2. bitter
    • feeling angry or upset because of a bad experience, especially when you think that you have been treated unfairly
    • making you feel very unhappy or disappointmented
    • something that is bitter has a strong sharp taste that is not sweet
    • extremely cold in a way that makes you very uncomfortable
    • 괴로운
  3. brutal
    • extremely violent
    • extreme and unpleasant
    • 잔인한
  4. captivity
  5. creed
    • a set of geligious beliefs
    • 교리
  6. crippled
  7. curvaceous
    • describing women according to breast size
    • 곡선의
  8. decree
  9. degenerate
    • to become worse
    • immoral
    • in a worse state that before
    • 퇴폐한
  10. desolate
    • empty of people or things
    • lonely and isolated feeling sad or unhappy
    • 쓸쓸한
  11. despair
    • the feeling that a situation is so bad that nothing you can do will change it
    • 절망
  12. devotee
    • someone who is very enthusiastic about something
    • enthusiastic: very interested in something or excited by it
    • someone who follows a particular religion or religious leader
    • 애호가
  13. dignity
    • the impressive behaviour of someone who controls their emotions in a difficult situation
    • 품위
  14. discipline
    • the practice of making people obey rules of behaviour and punishing them if they do not
    • a subject that people study, especially at a university
    • 규율, 훈련
  15. discontent
    • the unhappy feeling that you have when you are not satisfied with something
    • 불평, 욕구불만
  16. discord
    • disagreement between people
    • 불화
  17. discriminate
    • to treat someone unfairly because of their religious,race, or other personnal features
    • to recognize the difference between things
    • 차별하다
  18. Emancipation Proclamation
  19. emerge
    • to come out of something or out from behind something
    • to stop being involved in a difficult situation or period of time
    • 드러내다
  20. engulf
    • to cover or surround something in a way that harms or destroys it
    • it controls your thoughts or feelings
    • 휩쓸리다, 포로가 되다
  21. exalt
    • to praise someone or something very much
    • to give someone a more important position or status
    • 높이다
  22. fierce
    • involving very strong feelings such as determination, angrer, or hate
    • very angry, or ready to attack
    • 맹렬한
  23. flesh
    • the soft part of people's or animals' bodies that consists mostly of muscle and fat
    • a person's skin
    • the soft part of a fruit or vegetable that is under the skin
    • 고기
  24. frustrate
    • to make someone feel annoyed and impatient by preventing them from doing or getting something
    • to prevent someone or something from succeeding
    • 좌절하다
  25. Gentiles
    • someone who is not jewish
    • 이교도
  26. hamlet
    • a small villiage
    • 작은 마을
  27. hatred
    • a very strong feeling that you dislike someone or something very much
    • 증오
  28. heir
    • someone who will recieve money, property, or a title when another person dies
    • the next person to have a particular job or continue someone's work or ideas
    • 후계자
  29. hew
    • to cut something solid such as rock or wood into a rough shape, using a large heavy blade
    • 자르다
  30. inextricably
    • used for emphasizing that two things always exist together and you cannot seperate them or consider them as separate
    • 밀접하게
  31. insofar as
    • used for talking about the degree to which something happens, or the situation in which something happens
    • 범위 내에서
  32. interposition
    • an asserted right of U.S. states to declare federal actions unconstitutional
    • assert: to state firmly that something is ture, to claim that you have the right to do something or brhave in a paticular way
    • 간섭
  33. invigorate
    • to give someone more energy
    • to make something stronger and more effective
    • 기운나게 하다
  34. jangle
    • to make a noise by hitting small metal objects against each other
    • to make someone feel very nervous
    • 말다툼
  35. languish
    • to fail to be successful or to improve
    • to remail in a difficult or unpleasant situation for a long time
    • 시들어 가는
  36. legitimate
    • fair and reasonable
    • allowed by the law, or correct according to the law
    • 합법적인
  37. manacles
  38. marvelous
    • extremely enjoyable or exciting
    • 놀라운
  39. militancy
    • militant behaviour and actions
    • militant: using extreme and sometimes violent methods to achieve political or social change
    • 투쟁성
  40. momentous
  41. nullification
    • to have a bad effect, or to reduce a good effort
    • a legal theory that a State has the right to nullify, or invalidate, any federal law which that state has deemed unconstitutional
    • 파기, 연방법의 실시거부
  42. oppress
    • to treat people who are less powerful in an unfair and cruel way
    • cruel: brutal
    • to make someone feel very worried or unhappy
    • 압박하다
  43. pledge
    • to promise seriously and publicly to do something
    • to give something valuable to someone as a way of promising that you will pay them money later
    • 서약
  44. poverty
    • a situation in which someone does not have enough money to pay for their basic needs
    • a lack of something, especially ideas or feelings
    • 가난
  45. prodigious
    • very great or impressive
    • 거대한
  46. promissory note
    • a document giving the detail of your promise to pay someone a particular amount of money by a specific date
    • 약속어음 (P/N)
  47. pursuit
    • the process of trying to achieve something
    • the process of chasing someone or something in order to catch them
    • 추구
  48. racial
    • happening between people of different reces
    • relating to someone's race
    • 인종간의
  49. redemptive
    • making someone free from the power of evil, especially in the Christian religion
    • 되찾은, 속죄의
  50. rude
    • not polite
    • used about things that happen suddenly and have a strong effect on you
    • made or designed in a simple way
    • 무례한
  51. sacred
    • connected with religion
    • considered to be holy or connected with God in a special way
    • so important that you should not change, question, or criticize
    • criticize: to say what you think is wrong or bad about something
    • 신성한
  52. sear
  53. segregation
  54. stagger
    • to walk in an uncontrolled way, as if you are ging to fall over
    • to suprise and shock someone
    • to continue doing something despite great difficulty
    • 비틀거리게 하다
  55. struggle
    • to try hard to do something that you find very difficult
    • to use your strength to fight against someone or something
    • 노력하다
  56. sunlit
    • brightly lit by the sun
    • 볕이 드는
  57. swelter
    • to be affected in an uncomfortable way by extreme heat
    • 더위에 지친
  58. threshold
    • a limit at which an arrangement changes
    • a level at which something happens
    • the floor at the entrance to a room or building
    • 문지방, 기준점
  59. tranquilize
    • to make someone less nevous or upset
    • 진정시키다
  60. tribulation
    • a problem or a difficulty
    • Trials and Tribulatios
    • 시련
  61. unalienable
    • an inalienable right cannot be taken awat from you or given to someone else
    • 뺏을 수 없는
  62. wallow
    • to move, or to make something move in water to feel in emotion
    • to spend a lot of time feeling a negative emotion, especially because you want sympathy from other people
    • sympathy: agreement with, or support of, a group, idea, plan etc.
    • to lie down and roll around in water, dirt, or mud like a pig
    • 뒹굴다
  63. wither
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