Pectoralis Major and minor

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  1. Action of all fibers of Pectoralis Major
    • adduct the shoulder
    • medially rotate the shoulder
    • Assist to elevate the thorax during forced inhalation with the arm fixed
  2. origin of pectoralis major
    • medial half of clavice
    • sternum
    • and cartlidge of 1-6 ribs
  3. action of upper fibers of pectoralis major
    • flex the shoulder
    • horizontally adduct the shoulder
  4. action of lower fibers of Pectoralis Major
    extend the shoulder
  5. insertion of pectoralis major
    crest of greater tubercle of humerus
  6. action of Pectoralis Minor
    • Depress the scapula
    • abduct the scapula
    • downwardl rotate the scapula
    • with the scapula fixed also assist to elevate the thorax during forced inhalation
  7. origin of Pectoralis Minor
    3-5 ribs
  8. insertion of pectoralis minor
    medial surface of coracoid process of the scapula
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Pectoralis Major and Minor
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