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  1. Election of 1952
    • Rep: Eisenhower, VP Richard Nixon
    • Dem: Adlai Stevenson, VP John Sparkman
    • Eisenhower hinted at using the bomb. He was a general and he wasn't conservative, he is a moderate type republican. He says we will get out of Korea and pursue the Cold War.
    • Sevenson was supposedly very intellectual. The media makes democrats look good and republicans not so good.
    • During the campaign, the media came out with a secret slush fund of Nixon's. Then he goes on national TV, and says it was not illegal and talked about his background and family.
    • "Checkers" speech, this speech was about a dog of Nixon's. His little girls had a dog and didn't want to give it back. Eisenhower said get off of his back.
    • Eisenhower wins in a landslide.
    • President, House, and Senate are all republican now.
  2. "Eisenhower Equilibrium"
    The era that Eisenhower reined is known as this. It was said to be calm, peaceful, and prosperous. Basically conservative years.
  3. "Cult of Domesticity"
    • This was the women returning back to the home. They go back to being house wives after the war. They enjoyed this.
    • Hollywood glorified two types of women.
    • The "Girl Next Door" type, and the "Marilyn Monroe" types.
  4. Rock and Roll
    It comes from black sland, its rocking and rolling between the sheets. This is SEX. "Elvis the Pelvis". This was said to be the Devil's Music.
  5. Election of 1956
    • Repeat of 1952 election except Democrat Stevenson got a different VP.
    • Eisenhower wins again.
  6. John Foster Dulles
    He was Eisenhower's Secretary of State. He talked really tough against communism. He talked about "massive retaliation", and about "brinkmanship" he wanted to go to the "brink". This turns out to be empty rederic.
  7. Suez Crisis
    • This takes place in 1956 but we have to go back to 1948 to see what started this.
    • In 1948, Israel comes out of Palestine, after the Holocause most people agreed that there should be a Jewish homeland. The UN voted to create the modern day Israel out of Palestine. The only opposing people were their neighbors.
    • Now in 1956, the dictator of Egypy (Nasser) says he is going to nationalize the Suez Canal. Israel, France, and GB are determined to stop this. This canal was GB's. The US says to these 3 nations NO. We will not allow you to do this. We fear it will drive Nasser into the arms of the Soviet Union if we stop him.
    • Nasser eventually goes to the Soviets, because he wanted us to help him build a dam on the Nile.
  8. Fidel Castro
    • In 1959 Castro gains power in Cuba. He promises for real reform, and a real democracy. It became known that Castro was a communist. He begins nationalizing things in Cuba; factories, businesses, etc. Waves of people fled Cuba, because they had their businesses and lives taken away.
    • We now break off diplomatic relations with Cuba, in 1960.
  9. Nikita Khrushchev
    This was the man that took over the USSR after Stalin. He comes to the UN and makes a speech in which he takes his shoe off and beats the podium with it. Then Stevenson asks for a translation and the whole room erupts in laughter.
  10. U-2 Incident
    • This was when spy planes were sent over to the Soviet Union and took pictures of their troops and their movements. They accused us of this but couldn't shoot one down so we denied it.
    • They finally shoot one down in 1960. Francis Gary Powers was the pilot and was captured alive. Eisenhower is caught in a lie. We exchange 3 spies to get him back.
  11. Indochina
    • After WW2, the French try to recapture their colony, Indochina. It was 3 different groups of people in this colony. The Japs took over it during the War. Now the French want it back.
    • It was divided into 3 sections, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.
    • Ho Chi Minh was the communist leader of Vietnam. There was a battle it was called Dien Bien Phu, the French are effectivley kicked out of its colonies as a direct result of the loss.
    • Now it is being divided into 4 countries. Laos, Cambodia, North Vietnam (communist) and South Vietnam (non-communist).
    • It was divided by the 17th parallal.
    • NV is run by Ho Chi Minh. The SV communist who want to join with the North are called Viet Cong. We support SV but have hardly anything to do with it.
  12. Brown v. Board
    This takes place in 1954. It overturns the Plessy v. Ferguson case of 1896. The judges say that the case has led to unequal systems. This is the beginning of desegregation.
  13. Sputnik
    • The Soviets launch an orbiting satellite in 1957. This surprises us greatly. We couldn't do it ourselves are were scared. We finally launch one in 1958 and it's called the Explorer.
    • This causes us to put more ephasizes on education and the math and science portions of it.
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