Entrees, Fish, Crab,and Lobster Test

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  1. Fish and Chips
    • (3) - 2 ounce pieces of cod, battered and fried to perfection. Accompanied with steak fries and cole slaw.
    • Served with ketchup, malt vinegar, and lemon wedge.
  2. Salmon and Chips
    (3) - 2 ounce pieces of salmon, battered and fried to perfection. Accompanied with steak fries and cole slaw. Served with ketchup, malt vinegar, and lemon wedge.
  3. Vegetable Platter
    Mixed greens; broccoli, cauliflower, squash, carrots, zuccini, and a piece or corn with 4 ounces of Jack and cheddar cheese melted on top.
  4. Fish Tacos
    2 flour tortillas, each filled with a 2 ounce portion of cajun mahi mahi, mayo sauce, fine shredded cabbage, and pico de gallo. Accompanied with chips and pico de gallo salsa.
  5. Breaded Prawn
    Prawns: Large white or Tiger Shrimp harvested from waters of the gulf of Mexico or Thialand. Breaded and fried, accompanied with fries on the bar side or rice in the dinning room side unless modified.
  6. Scallops
    • Large sea scallops from canadian waters, mesquite broiled on a skewer, and lightly buttered. Accompanied with tartar sauce and a lemon wedge.
    • Lunch - 5 ounces
    • Dinner - 7 ounces
  7. Seafood Brochette
    • Lunch: 2 - prawns, 2 scallops, pieces of white fish.
    • Dinner: 3 prawns, 3 scallops, 4 pieces of white fish
    • Both accompanied with cherry tomato and green bell pepper.
    • Served with draw butter and lemon
  8. Prawns on a skewer
    • Lunch: 6 prawns
    • Dinner: 9 prawns
    • Both mequite broiled and lightly buttered
    • Served with draw butter and lemon
  9. Scampi Prawns
    • Lunch: 6 prawns
    • Dinner: 9 prawns
    • Sauteed with fresh garlic and herbs in an olive oil and white wine cream sauce.
    • Served with lemon
  10. Lobster
    • A whole Maine Lobster, (Local when in season), mequite broiled and lightly buttered.
    • Served with draw butter, glass bowl, crab crackers, cocktail fork and a lemon.
  11. Dungeness Crab
    • A 2.5 pounds whole crab
    • Served, Hot or Cold, with draw butter and cocktail sauce.
    • Dungeness Crab, the most popular shelfish, is found on the pacific coast ranging from Cods inlet to mexican waters.
  12. Calimari Steak
    • Lunch: 6 ounces
    • Dinner: 10 ounces
    • Breaded and sauteed, topped with fresh garlic and capers.
  13. Alaskan King Crab
    • 1 pounds of tender large crab legs steamed.
    • Served with draw butter, cocktail fork, crab cracker, glass bowl, and lemon.
  14. Fish Selections
    • All fish are 6 ounces at lunch and 8 ounces at dinner.
    • Use words like mild, medium, or full flavored
  15. Shark
    Mesquite broiled and medium flavored, with a firm meaty texture like a top sirloin steak. Caught locally or from mexican waters
  16. Salmon Filet
    Mesquite broiled, it is unique and rich in colr and taste. Orange in color with a firm texture. It is one of the most nutritious fish harvested.
  17. White Salmon
    Mequite broiled, mild flavored with a firm texture. From the pacific Northwest, it is an albino salmon so it is a white fish. Often compared to halibut or escolar because its' color and texture.
  18. Yellow tail
    Full flavored, with a moist firm meaty texture, and deep red in color. It is caught locally or in mexican waters.
  19. Halibut
    Mesuite broiled, both mild and full flavored, with a flakey but firm texture. It is caught in the cold Alaskan waters and is VERY popular.
  20. Ono
    The "Gourmet Mackrel" is lean, with a medium to full flavor.Caught in Mexican, South American, and Hawian waters. The word Ono means sweet in Hawaii and is considered the finest tasting fish in the ocean.
  21. Mahi Mahi
    The "Dolphin Fish", an island favorite and is not to be confused with the porpuse family. The meat is flacky and moist with a subtle hint of sweetness. Usually it is fresh, it is caught in the Western Pacific and Tiwanese waters.
  22. Escolar
    • Caught in Fiji, this species of fish is mild to medium flavored with a hint of oil. Often compared to Halibut in color and flavor
    • Mesquite broiled.
  23. Sea Bass
    From different families of fish, Grouper, Giant and White Sea Bass, Cabrillo, or Baquetta. Characterized by its firm translucent meat that is sweet and medium with fish flavor. Caught locally in Mexican waters and New Zealand.
  24. Swordfish
    • Firm and lean with its own distinctive flavor. It has a mild to medium flavor. It is a VERY popular fish and is caught in the South American and Japanese water.
    • Mesquite broiled
  25. Coho Salmon
    Farm raised in fresh water ponds in the Pacific Northwest. The meat is mild and flacky. The backbone is removed and is served open faced with the skin attached. There are bones and is oven baked with parseley, lemon, paprika, white wine, and butter.
  26. Red Snapper
    Not a true east coast Red Snapper, this is actually a Rock Fish caught on the Pacific Coast. Medium to full flavored with a hint oiliness. There are bones and is oven baked with parseley, lemon, paprika, white wine, and butter.
  27. Cajun Ahi
    Caught locally in Mexican waters. Pan seared "Rare" in Cajun spices.

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