Athletic Training

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  1. 5 short term goals of rehab
    • control pain- medicine, modalities, ice
    • maintain or improve flexibility- determined by genetics
    • restoring or increasing strength
    • reestablishing neuromuscular control- proprioception, balance
    • maintain cardio fitness- pool, bike
  2. When does rehab begin?
    immediately after surgery
  3. When an injury occurs, what 2 events arise?
    • loss of physical fitness when activity stopped (strength, endurance, coordination)
    • specific inactivity of injured part (splinting, immobilized; motor nerves become less efficient)
  4. What are the key components of a rehab program?
    • minimize swelling
    • control pain
    • restore full ROM
    • restore muscle strength and endurance
    • reestablish neuromuscular control
    • regain balance
    • maintain cardiorespiratory fitness
    • incorporate functional progressions
  5. eccentric
    lengthen muscle, causes soreness
  6. concentric
    contract muscle
  7. isometric
    no change in muscle length
  8. isotonic
    free weights
  9. isokinetic
    locked in speed with accommodating resistance
  10. strength
    maximum force applied by muscle during single maximum contraction
  11. endurance
    ability to perform repetitive muscular contractions against some resistance
  12. power
    ability to generate force rapidly
  13. proprioception
    ability to determine the position of a joint in space
  14. kinesthesia
    ability to detect movement
  15. Criteria for full return
    • physiological healing constraints
    • pain status
    • swelling
    • full ROM
    • strength
    • cardio fitness
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