Athletic Training

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  1. Stress
    positive and negative forces that can disrupt the body's equilibrium
  2. Physiological responses to stress
    • alarm: secretions from adrenal gland sharply increase creating the fight or flight response
    • resistance: directs stress to a particular body site
    • exhaustion: refers to an entire organ system or single organ becoming dysfunctional and diseased
    • acute: threat is immediate - alarm stage
    • chronic: involves resistance and exhaustion phase
  3. Athlete who is unable to perform for long period responds with 5 reactions:
    • Denial or belief
    • Anger
    • Bargaining
    • Depression
    • Acceptance of the situation
  4. Which athletes are most prone to injuries?
    athletes who are anxious, tense, restless and nervous
  5. The psychological aspects of sports rehabilitation must include the following:
    • rapport
    • a sense of cooperation
    • exercise rehab as an educational process
    • competitive confidence
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