chp 4 Prefixes

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  1. cellul/o
  2. cis/o
    to cut
  3. comat/o
    deep sleep
  4. digest/o
  5. duct/o
    to draw
  6. later/o
  7. nat/o
  8. sept/o
  9. son/o
  10. -aise
  11. -ar
    pertaining to
  12. -cuspid
  13. -drome
    to run
  14. -form
  15. -genous
    produced by
  16. -gnosis
  17. -mortem
  18. -plasm
    devlopment, formation
  19. -plegia s
  20. -version s
  21. ab-duct-ion
    process of drawing away from
  22. ad-duct-ion
    process of drawing toward
  23. ante-nat-al
    petaining to before the birth, referring to the fetus, prenatal
  24. circum-duct-ion
    process of drawing a part in a circular motion
  25. diameter
    measurement from edge to edge of a circle
  26. diagnosis
    one disease is differentiated from another disease after complete knowlegde of the disease is obtained through a study of the signs and symptoms, and through lab, Xray, and other diagnostic procedures
  27. ecto-genous
    produced from the outside, infection that originates from the outside.
  28. endo-scope
    instrument used to visually examine a body cavity or organ
  29. epi-gastr-ic
    pertaining to upon the stomach
  30. eversion
    process of turning out, as in the turning of the sole of the foot outward.
  31. ex-cis-ion
    process of cutting out
  32. extra-ocul-ar
    petaining to outside the eye
  33. hyperplasia
    excessive formation; increase in the number of normal cells
  34. hypo-gastr-ic
    pertaining to below the stomach
  35. in-cis-ion
    process of cutting into
  36. inversion
    process of turning in
  37. infra-cost-al
    petaining to below the ribs
  38. inter-cellul-ar
    pertaining to between the cells
  39. intra-crani-al
    petaining to within the skull
  40. metaplasia
    change in formation
  41. metastasis
    the uncontrolled spread of cancerous cells from one organ to another
  42. para-nas-al
    pertaining to near the nose
  43. per-cutane-ous
    petaining to through the skin
  44. peri-neur-itis
    inflammation around a nerve
  45. postmortem
    after death
  46. pre-nat-al
    pertaining to before birth; referring to the fetus
  47. prodome
    symptom or symptoms occuring before the onset of the disease.
  48. prognosis
    prediction or forecast of the outcome of the disease
  49. retroversion
    backward turning or tipping of an organ
  50. sub-cutane-ous
    pertaining to under the skin (ie, suncutaneous fat)
  51. sub-lingu-al
    pertaining to under the tongue
  52. suprar-en-al
    pertaining to above the kidney
  53. tran-sect-ion
    process of cutting across
  54. ultra-sono-graphy
    process of recording an image of internal structures by using high-frequency sound waves.
  55. anti-bio-tic
    used to kill harmful bacteria
  56. a-sept-ic
    free from infectious material
  57. anemia
    lack of red blood cells
  58. contra-later-al
    pertaining to the opposite side
  59. in-digest-ible
    not capable of being digested
  60. bi-later-al
    pertaining to two sides
  61. dis-sect-ion
    to cut into two pieces
  62. hemi-gastr-ectomy
    excision of half the stomach
  63. semi-coma-tose
    state of unconsciousness from which the patient may be aroused
  64. mono-cyte
    blood cell with a single nucleus
  65. uni-later-al
    pertaining to one side
  66. multiform
    having many shapes
  67. poly-aden-oma
    tumor of many glands
  68. quadri-later-al
    pertaining to four sides
  69. tricuspid
    three cuspids or projections
  70. anatomy
    the study of the structure of the body
  71. autopsy
    internal and external examination of the body after death to determine the cause of death; also called necropsy or postmorteum examination
  72. brady-card-ia
    pertaining to a slow heartbeat
  73. dysplasia
    abnormal devlopment
  74. macro-cephal-ia
    excessively large head
  75. malaise
    a feeling of uneasiness or discomfort; sign of illness
  76. microscope
    instrument used to visually examine a very small object
  77. neoplasm
    new formation of tissue such as abnormal growth or tumor
  78. pan-hyster-ectomy
    excision of all the uterus
  79. syn-arthr-otic
    a type of joint in which the bones are joined
  80. symmetry
    like parts on opposite sides of the body are similar in form, size, and position
  81. tachy-card-ia
    pertaining to fast heartbeat of over 100 beats/minute
  82. tetraplegia
    paralysis of all four limbs; also known as quadriplegia
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