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  1. Frontalis - Epicranius
    Raises eyebrows
  2. Temporalis
    Elevates and retracts mandible
  3. Buccinator
    Whistle muscle
  4. Orbicularis Oris
    Purses and protrudes lips
  5. Orbicularis Oculi
    Closes eyes
  6. Zygomaticus
    Smiling muscle
  7. Masseter
    Clenching muscle
  8. Digastric
    Opens and depresses mandible
  9. Sternocleidomastoid
    Rotation of neck
  10. Splenius
    Extension of head
  11. Trapezius
    Shrugging shoulder muscle
  12. Deltoids
    Arm abduction
  13. Latissimus Dorsi
    Rowing muscle
  14. Rhomboid Minor
    Double door muscle
  15. Rhomboid Major
    Double door muscle
  16. Serratus Anterior
    Raising of arm
  17. Teres Minor
    Rotation of humerus
  18. Supraspinatus
    Pitching muscle
  19. Infraspinatus
    Pitching muscle
  20. Subscapularis
    Pitching muscle
  21. Pectoralis Major
    Hugging muscle
  22. Pectoralis Minor
    Push up muscle
  23. External Intercostal
  24. Internal Intercostal
  25. Erector Spinae
    Keeps spine upright
  26. External Oblique
    Lateral rotation of abdomen
  27. Internal Oblique
    Lateral rotation of abdomen
  28. Transversus Abdominus
    Compresses abdominal contents
  29. Rectus Abdominus
    Flexion of lumbar region
  30. Biceps Brachii
    Flexion of elbow
  31. Brachialis
    Flexion of elbow
  32. Brachioradialis
    Curling wrist muscle
  33. Triceps Brachii
    Arm extension
  34. Pronator Teres
    Pronates hand of forearm
  35. Supinator
    Supinates palm of hand of forearm
  36. Flexor Carpi Radialis
    Flexion of wrist
  37. Extensor Digitorum
    Digit "finger" extension
  38. Tensor Fascia Latae
    Side kick muscle
  39. Gluteus Maximus
    Extension of hip, steadies pelvis while walking
  40. Gluteus Medius
    Extension of hip, steadies pelvis while walking
  41. Vastus Medialis
    Extension of knees
  42. Vastus Intermedium
    Extension of knees
  43. Vastus Lateralis
    Extension of knees
  44. Rectus Femoris
    Extension of knees
  45. Biceps Femoris
    Extends thigh
  46. Semitendinosus
    Extends thigh
  47. Semimembranosus
    Extends thigh
  48. Gastrocenimus
    Plantar flexion
  49. Soleus
    Ballet muscle
  50. Tibialis Posterior
    Foot inversion (medial)
  51. Tibialis Anterior
    Dorsiflexion of foot
  52. Rotator Cuff Muscles:
    • Supraspinatus
    • Infraspinatus
    • Subscapularis
    • Teres Minor
  53. Hamstring Muscles:
    • Biceps Femoris
    • Semitendinosus
    • Semimembranosus
  54. Quadracep Muscles:
    • Rectus Femoris
    • Vastus Medialis
    • Vastus Intermedium
    • Vastus Lateralis
  55. Adductor Longus
    Adduction and rotation of thigh
  56. Sartorius
    Rotation of hip
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