Forced Landing Notes, Cautions, Warnings

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  1. Forced Landing Warning 1
    Landing distance will increase with the propeller feathered.
  2. Forced Landing Warning 2
    Landing on an unprepared surface may cause structural damage making it impossible to open the canopy or fracture it using CFS.
  3. Forced Landing Warning 3
    Engine failure or shutdown will completely diable the bleed air system. Depending on environmental conditions, this may cause significant canopy icing and/or fogging, and severely hamper visibility, especially from the rear cockpit.
  4. Forced Landing Caution 4
    Ejection is recommended if a suitable landing area is not available. IF circumstances dictate an emergency landing and ejection is not possible or the ejection system malfunctions, the pilot may perform an ELP to an unprepared surface or ditch the aircraft. The aircraft structure can survive either type of forced landing; however, the risk of injury increases significantly due to crash loads and the complexity of ground or water egress.
  5. Forced Landing Caution 5
    Inducing yaw (side slipping) with a known engine/oil malfunction could result in impaired windshield visibility due to oil leakage spraing onto the windshield.
  6. Forced Landing Warning 6
    If landing on an unprepared surface or ditching, do not extend the LG. Flaps will not be available without emergency gear extension.
  7. Forced Landing Note 7
    Normal safe indications with electrical pwoer, when the emergency extension system has been used to lower the gear, are two green main gear lights, two red main door lights, green nose gear light, and red light in handle.
  8. Forced Landing Note 8
    Selecting either TO of LDG flaps will extend the flaps to the commanded position if the LG has been extended using the emergency extension system and if battery power is available.
  9. Forced Landing Note 9
    LG/flap retraction is not possible when the emergency extension system has been used.
  10. Forced Landing Note 10
    NWS is unavailable with an inoperative engine. Maintain directional control with rudder and differential braking.
  11. Forced Landing Note 11
    Activation the ELT at a higher altitude will transmit emergency signal for a longer distance and could aid in rescue/recovery.
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