IELTS voc 8

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  1. era
    distinctive period of history
  2. excavation
    • the act of process of digging out
    • hole made by digging
  3. millennium
    1000 years
  4. pioneer
    inventor or innovator
  5. ancient
    • very old
    • somebody from past civilization
  6. imminent
    about to occur, about to happen
  7. nostalgia
    • sentimental recollection
    • homesickness
  8. punctual
    keeping to arranged time
  9. erode
    wear away land
  10. infer
    conclude something from reasoning
  11. predate
    precede, go before, preexist
  12. span
    cross, cover, bridge
  13. lose track of time
    be unaware of what time it is
  14. it took so long (not time)
    • it took too long
    • it took a long time
  15. surf the net
    browse, look through the internet
  16. prior (proyer)
    earlier, previous
  17. formerly
    previously, before, in the past
  18. awe
    wonder, admiration, respect
  19. ditch
    trench, channel
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