Evergreen id. 3

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    Pinus strobus 'Contorta'

    Contorted white pine

    Zone 3

    Needles are slightly corkscrewed, branches slightly twisted, but they still grow upwards. Grows 20-40' tall and spreads 10-15'.
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    Pinus mugo

    Mugo pine

    Zone 2

    Small roundy moundy plant, dense and tight. Huge genetic diversity, can get huge. 2 needle pine 1" short needles one of few bush pines. Grows 2-4' high and wide.
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    Pinus ponderosa

    Ponderosa pine

    Zone 3

    Long 3 needle pine, needles 6-8" long, grows 2'/yr. =super fast growing, bark gets really red and chunky, is the bark used for barking- filling in with bark. bark smells kinda like vanilla. Very xeric. Grows 70-100 ft. tall and 30-40 ft. wide.
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    Pinus thunbergii

    Japanese Black Pine

    Zone 5

    No single top, shrubby pine, similar to mugo pine, but has longer needles, 2-3" needles, white candle, stiff sharp needles, 2 needle pine, Specimin for habit, common in bonsai's. Grows 20-40' tall and wide.
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    Pinus bungeana

    Lacebark Pine

    Zone 5

    Peely puzzle style purplish green bark, 3 needle pine 2-3" needles common in oriental gardens specimin for habit and bark. Grows 30-40' tall and 20-30' spread.
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    Pinus parviflora

    Japanese White Pine

    Zone 6

    A lot of long branches and little pom pom needles- greyish cast 5 needles. Cone has a wt. edge to cone scale. Specimin for habit and color. Grows 30-40' high and wide.
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    Pinus edulis (on left)

    Pinion pine

    Zone 5

    Shape very conical very tight, grows a lot around Grand Canyon, 1 or 2 needle pine, nice smell, where most pine nuts come from, xeric, very dense, the warmer it gets, goes to 1 needle and looses shape. Grows 10-20' high and spreads 5'.
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    Pinus aristata

    Bristlecone Pine

    Zone 4

    White dotted sap on needle, 5 needle pine, not soft though. 2-3" keeps needles for 5+ needles cone has a white edge to the cone scales, specimin for habit and color. Grows 5-10' high and spread.
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    Pinus cembra

    Swiss Stone Pine

    Zone 3

    Soft 5 needle pine denser than vanderwolf, holds needles 4-5 yrs. bushy, blue but greener than the vanderwolf, used a lot in E. bark isn't as grey as vanderwolf, but is fairly smooth. Grows 30-40' tall and spreads 15-20'
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    Pinus pinea

    Italian Stone Pine

    Zone 7

    Seen a lot around the Mediterranean, flat topped, beautiful for habit, Grows in Central and South America and California, growth is all towards the top of the tree, 2-4" needles, 2 needle pine, large thick heavy cones, where gourmet pine nuts comes from. Grows 50-80' high and wide.
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    Pinus canariensis

    Canary Island Pine

    Zone 8

    Tropical thinner and straight up and down, used as a street tree needles 12" 3 needle pine, whispy dangly needles, fairly large cones. Grows 60-80' high and spreads 15-20'
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    Pinus eldarica

    Afghan Pine

    Zone 8

    Lacey conical tree more formal than the aleppo pine. Lighter green long 5-6" needles, 2 needle pine, xeric, reddish tone to bark. Grows 40-60' tall and spreads 15-20'.
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    Sciadopitys vericillata

    Japanese umbrella pine

    Zone 5

    needle bearing conifer, flat needle grows in a whirl around the cone, seen a lot in oriental gardens, thick fleshy needles, cones really shed, requires humidity.
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    Laurus nobilis

    Sweet Bay leaf

    Zone 9

    Stiff cardboardish leaf, woody tree, produces small white flower, desired for fragrance, and incredibly shapable (topiary) very adaptive. What Roman nobility wore behind the ear. Grows 30-50' tall and spreads 10-15'.
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    Metrosideros excelsus

    New Zealand Christmas tree

    Zone 9

    Blooms with red flowers at Christmas time (summer in new zealand), Brush style blossom, leaves blueish green, Desired for bright red blossoms, xeric, greyish bark, creates aerial roots that can be swung on. Can be used as a street tree. Grows 40-50' tall and spreads 20-30'.
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    Kalmia latifolia

    Mountain laurel

    Zone 5

    New growth on leaves, really unique blossom, blooms in pinks, whites, and reds. Specimin for the flower, likes humidity and acidic soils, can be used as infill. Common in oriental gardens. Grows 5' high and wide.
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    Gunnera manicata

    Gunnera (Dinosaur food)

    Zone 9

    HUGE leaves, from jurassic period, sandpapery sharp leaves, blunt spikey branches, grows in pacific NW down to San Fran., and etc, and in the midwest. Fairly fast growing. Grows 10' high and wide.
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    Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

    Chinese Hibiscus

    Zone 10

    Large blossoms, come in warm colors, and even semi-purples and white, only lasts a day, more come out all day, always bloom as long as there is bright light. Specimin for the flower. Grows 8-10' high and wide.
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