Child Guidance Final Parenting Models

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  1. Parenting model where all behavior is learned or unlearned
  2. Parenting model where reinforcement is used and it may be positive or negative and helps with extinction of unacceptable behaviors.
  3. Parenting model where parents teach their children through social learning and modeling behaviors. Children learn by modeling others and through watching others.
  4. Parenting model where behavior is motivated by reasons such as natural and logical consequences.
    STEP- Democratic Child Training
  5. This parenting model believes that misbehavior has a reason
  6. This parenting model attempts to understand the social context of behavior and tries to understand what the kids are doing.
    STEP/ Democratic Child Training.
  7. This parenting model focuses on communication skills
    PET (Parent Effectiveness Training)
  8. PET is constructed by 3 different parts:
    • 1. Parents act as counselors and use "active listening".
    • 2. Parents use "I" messages.
    • 3. Parents use 'no-lose' conflict resolution and solve problems collaboratively
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