Nursing Founders

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  1. Harriet Tubman
    known as "The Moses of Her People" for her work with the Underground Railroad. During the Civil War she nursed the sick and suffering of her own race
  2. Lavina L. Dock
    a nursing leader and suffragist who was active in the protest movement for women's rights that resulted in the U.S. Constitution amendment allowing women to vote in 1920
  3. Lillian Wald
    founded the Henry Street Settlement and Visiting Nurse Service which provided nursing and social services and organized educational and cultural activities. She is considered the founder of public health nursing
  4. Margaret Sanger
    considered the founder of Planned Parenthood, was imprisoned for opening the first birth control information clinic in Baltimore in 1916
  5. Mary Breckinridge
    a nurse who practiced midwivery in England, Australia, and New Zealand, founded the Frontier Nursing Service in Kentucky in 1925 to provide family-centered primary health care to rural populations
  6. Sojourner Truth
    an abolitionist, Underground Railroad agent, preacher, and women's rights advocate, she was a nurse for over 4 years during the Civil War and worked as a nurse and counselor for the Freedman's Relief Association after the war
  7. Florence Nightingale
    considered the founder of modern nursing, she was influential in developing nursing education, practice, and administration
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