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  1. What are the 4 classifications of N/L?
    • (1) Austin's Pragmatic Version
    • (2) Hume's Pyschological Version
    • (3) Philosophical
    • (4) Theological
  2. What is Hume's psychological version of N/L?
    • values are part of our psychological make up
    • people are just programmed a certain way and they just know the values
    • you have values b/c you know what they are
  3. Hume was a what b/c he felt that believing was seeing?
  4. What is Austin's Pragmatic Version of N/L?
    • N/L is a consensus of ideas that have been found generally useful and so obtain widespread acceptance
    • not a very strong support for moral behavior
    • just an agreement and simple to complex philosphocial arguments
  5. Where do the theological versions of N/L derive their authority?
    from their Divine origin
  6. What are the 3 subtypes of the theological versions of N/L?
    • (1) moral code has been promulgated by the Divinity
    • (2) ability to perceive and understand the code of values has been imprinted into human nature by the Deity (St. Thomas)
    • (3) values themselves have been imprinted into human nature by the Deity (Hume)
  7. What did Hume mean when he said that the values have been imprinted into human nature by the Deity?
    they are ahard wired into the subject so that they can't be removed by anything short of destruction of the mind
  8. What is the philosophical version of N/L?
    value systems are set in the context of and derive their authority from some more general philosophical position, usually world views
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