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  1. The source of the waste products that are excreted by the urinary system is ____.
    metabolic processes
  2. Which organs function to eliminate wastes from the body?
    Sweat glands and kidneys
  3. The ureter connects the ____ to the bladder.
    renal pelvis
  4. True or false? Urine exits the body through the ureter (after leaving the urinary bladder).
  5. urine is transported using ____________
  6. Blood contained within the ___ contains fewer wastes than blood contained within the ____.
    renal vein; renal artery
  7. The internal urethral sphincter is made of ___ muscle, while the external urethral sphincter is made of ____ muscle.
    smooth; skeletal
  8. Fluid is forced out of the glomerulus and into the glomerular capsule by which force?
    blood pressure
  9. The kidneys help maintain blood pH balance by ____.
    removing Hydrogen ions from the blood
  10. True/false? Urine is composed of the substances that are filtered and secreted, but not reabsorbed.
  11. During which process would prescription drugs enter the urine?
    tubular secretion
  12. What best describes the process that concentrates urine as it passes through the proximal convoluted tubule?
    tubular reabsorption
  13. What structure in the nephron is responsible for monitoring blood pressure?
    juxtaglomerular apparatus
  14. ADH and aldosterone ________ urine output
  15. True or false? ADH is made by the hypothalamus and secreted by the posterior pituitary gland. Aldosterone is made and secreted by the adrenal gland
  16. blood pressure regulation, waste removal, and stimulation of erythrocyte production are all functions of the ___________
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