IELTS voc 10

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  1. cosmos
    whole universe
  2. crater
    • volcano summit
    • explosion hole
  3. debris (deb-ree)
    fragments of something broken
  4. horizon (how-ry-zen)
    place where earth meets the sky
  5. launch (n)
    start of activity
  6. meteor
    fiery piece of rock from the space
  7. satellite
    device that orbits planet
  8. weightlessness
    weight nothing
  9. lunar
    relating to moon
  10. unmanned
    uncrewed: having no personnel
  11. colonize
    establish a colony in another place
  12. acclimatize (acclymatyze)
    adapt: to become accustomed to a new climate or environment
  13. propel (pro-pel)
    • push somebody or something forward.
    • thrust
  14. sustain
    • support something
    • nourish somebody
  15. undergo
    • go through experience: to experience or endure something
    • suffer, endure, go through
  16. thunderstorms
    storm with thunder and lightning
  17. frontier
    • international border
    • limit of knowledge
  18. conquer
    • seize (seez) area by military forces
    • master something difficult
  19. scramble
    • to climb or advance over something using hands and feet
    • to hurry, to move with a sense of urgency
    • rush
  20. litter
    drop trash in a public space
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IELTS vocabulary unit 10
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