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    • Rolled rice paper stuffed with shitake mushrooms, Maui onions, sweet peppers, spinach, carrots & deep fried. Served with peanut & basil plum dipping sauces.
    • $ 5.95
    • Vegetarian Spring Rolls
  1. Triple cream brie cheese wrapped in pastry dough, baked to a golden brown & served with lingonberry port sauce & apricot puree.
    $ 7.95
    Baked Brie
  2. Sliced Monterrey Bay squid dipped in light tempura & deep fried. Served with citrus vinaigrette & marinara.
    $ 7.95
    Fried Calamari
  3. Ground lamb with savory Indian spices. Served with tomato and coconut milk gravy
    $ 7.95
    Mutton Kofta Curry (Lamb Meatballs)
  4. Five chilled Gulf shrimp. Served with our own horseradish cocktail sauce.
    $ 8.95
    Shrimp Cocktail
  5. Thin crust 8" pizza smothered with fresh basil pesto. Topped with Parmesan, Grogonzola and Gruyere cheeses, sundried tomatoes and balsamic onions.
    $ 7.95
    White Pizza
  6. Your server will describe today's selections.
    Cup $ 3.00 - -Bowl $ 7.00
    Soup du Jour
  7. Five skewers of your choice of chicken or beef. Served with peanut dipping sauce and pickled veggies.
    $ 5.95
  8. Cardini's classic. Crisp romaine, tossed with a dressing of anchovies, olive oil, lemon, garlic, & parmesan. Half 4.95 Whole
    $ 7.95
    Caesar Salad
  9. Fresh spinach leaves with warm sherry pancetta vinaigrette, Granny Smith apples, Amaltheia Dairy chevre cheese, & crisp shallots.
    $ 6.95
    Warm Spinach Salad
  10. Bibb lettuce, smoked bacon, tomato, gorgonzola, red onion and avocado. Creamy Green Goddess dressing.
    $ 6.95
    Looie's Wedge Salad
  11. Crisp asparagus tossed with balsamic vinegar & stone ground mustard. Finished with smoked roma tomatoes & Amaltheia Dairy chevre cheese.
    $ 7.95
    Looie's Asparagus Salad
  12. Local Amaltheia Dairy goats milk chevre, arugula, red grapes drizzled with toasted poppyseed champagne vinaigrette.
    $ 8.95
    Montana Fromage
  13. A stack of poached shrimp, buttery avacado. & tangy pink grapefruit drizzled with a red curry vinaigrette & cilantro oil.
    $ 9.95
    Shrimp, Avacado and Pink Grapefruit
  14. Fresh Certified Angus Beef in a 12 oz. cut, charbroiled to your liking. Served with a green peppercorn demi glace and bistro fries.
    $ 25.95
    New York Strip
  15. A choice Bison sirloin charbroiled to your liking.
    Bison Cowboy Sirloin
  16. A 6 oz. cut charbroiled to your liking & served with a red wine sauce & creamy roasted garlic sauce. Accompanied by mashed red skinned potatoes.
    $ 27.95
    Tenderloin Filet
  17. 10 oz. Beef Tenderloin Filet with garlic herb demi glace, gorgonzola mashed potatoes, baby green beans, finished with smoked tomato concasse
    Tenderloin DuJour
  18. Choice bone in veal chop, pan roasted and served with roasted, mashed butternut squash and a marsala wine shitake mushroom pan sauce.
    $ 28.95
    Veal Chop
  19. One half of a tender duck. It's leg is braised in it's own juices with thyme, garlic, & onions. Breast is served medium rare with a fig jus. Accompanied by mashed sweet potatoes and chef's veggies.
    $ 21.95
    Duck Confit
  20. Lamb shank braised with savory Indian curry spices and fresh vegetables. Served with lentil puree.
    $ 19.95
    Lamb Shank Rogan Josh
  21. Your server will describe tonight's selection.
    Looie's House Pasta
  22. Four large old world meatballs & our house made marinara served atop penne with shaved parmesan.
    $ 15.95
    Meatballs & Marinara
  23. House specialty for over 12 years. Encrusted with black sesame seeds served on a bed of caramelized bananas with ponzu glaze topped with mango fan, served with mashed potatoes and baby green beans
    $ 29.95
    Chilean Sea Bass
  24. Alaskan King Salmon stuffed with spinach & sundried tomato pesto, oven roasted, served over house risotto. Finished with a roast beet, orange relish, & carrot sauce.
    $ 26.95
    Chinook Salmon
  25. 12 Peppered gulf shrimp, Served over creamy grits, with sauteed spinach and roasted tomato sweet pepper coulis.
    $ 21.95
    Shrimp & Grits
  26. 6 oz. Bigeye rubbed with coconut milk and red curry - wrapped in Mori, dipped in Tempura batter and fried. Served on a mango puree, finished with purple sticky rice & vegetarian sushi.
    $ 26.95
  27. 1/2 Hutterite chicken stuffed with fresh spinach & boursin cheese. Roasted & served on a tarragon dijon mustard sauce. Served with red skinned mashed potatoes.
    $ 20.95
    Boursin Chicken
  28. Rubbed with yogurt, mint, cilantro, and turmeric and chargrilled. Served atop sauteed spinach. Accompanied by aromatic golden lentils.
    $ 16.95
    Punjabi Chicken
  29. Stuffed with chorizo. roasted poblano chiles & cream cheese, finished with corn grits, and a creamy southwestern-style sauce.
    $ 16.95
    Globi Chicken
  30. House recipe "old world" meatloaf slow baked with roast garlic ketchup & served with smashed potatoes & shallot-shitake brown sauce.
    $ 14.95
    Old Fashioned Meatloaf
  31. Cream sauce spiked with aged cheddar topped with bread crumbs and smokey bacon then baked. Served with bistro fries & 2 southern fried chicken strips.
    $ 14.95
    Mac -n- Cheese
  32. Double cut pork chop pan fried - finished with apples and cinnamon. Served over sweet mashers.
    $ 14.95
    Pork Chop
  33. Served with Bistro fries. $ 8.95 Add 1/2 order of chicken strips $ 3.00
    Miles' Mac -n- Cheese
  34. 6 oz. Batter Fried Pollack with house slaw, malt vinegar and our own tartar sauce.
    $ 9.95
    Fish & Chips
  35. 6 oz. Skinless breast, charbroiled on mashed potatoes. Served with white gravy and vegetable.
    $ 8.95
    Grilled Chicken Breast
  36. Penne pasta with two of Looie's Old World meatballs and our house made marinara.
    $ 7.95
    Meatballs and Marinara
  37. Bistro Fries (Steak Frittes) $ 2.50
    Lentils, Smashed Potatoes, Grits, Sweet Potatoes $ 2.95
    Super stuffed baked potato (while they last) $ 3.95
  38. Bone-in veal shank braised in it's own juices with mashed potatoes and baby green beans
  39. Fresh Halibut Filet oven baked, encrusted with almonds & chives, served on port wine butter sauce, finished with a mango mint salsa, accompanied with mashed potatoes and baby green beans
  40. slow baked vanilla custard topped with a thin layer of crunchy caramelized sugar
    Creme Brulee
  41. maple flavored french buttercream frosting and pecans on cinnamon devil's food layers
    New England's Chocolate Cake
  42. an ultra-light foamy custard dessert, served with fresh berries, cream, and a gaufrette cookie
    Saba Yon
  43. wheat-free pistachio cake and blueberries, topped with real vanilla bean ice cream and covered in italian meringue, doused with orange cognac and set aflame at the table
    Looie's Baked Alaska
  44. flourless bittersweet chocolate torte drizzled with white chocolate, served with white chocolate mousse, whipped cream and raspberry sauce
    Chocolate Oblivion
  45. lemon lime and orange zest New York style cheese cake with custard and whip cream
    Cheese Cake
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