Math Formulas

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  1. What is the formula to find the distance a car can travel in t hours traveling at r miles per hour?
    d = rt
  2. Midpoint Formula is....
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  3. What is the formula for Surface Area of a cylinder?
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  4. What is the Slope of a Line formula?
    yImage Upload
  5. Image Upload
    What is Area of a Square
  6. Image Upload
    What is Volume of a Prism.
  7. What is the Distance Fomula between two points on a coordinate grid?
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  8. Image Upload
    What is the Perimeter of an equilateral triangle.
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    What is Circumference of a Circle.
  10. Image Upload can equal what fraction?
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  11. What is the Area of a trapezoid?
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  12. The volume of a Cylinder is Image Upload
  13. The Perimeter of a rectangle is.....
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  14. To find the slope of a line when two coordinate points are given, the formula is
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  15. A=bh is the formula for ........
    Area of a parallelogram
  16. The Suface Area of a sphere is

    Image Upload or

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Math Formulas

Formulas for area, perimeter, surface area and volume, midpoint of a line, slop of a line, distance formula and more for review and assessment.
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