Science - Plant Responses & Transport

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  1. What is a tropism?
    This is the growth response of a plant to a stimulus eg. phototropism and geotropism
  2. Explain phototropism
    This is the growth response of a plant to light
  3. Explain geotropism
    This is the growth response of a plant to gravity
  4. State a benefit of phototropism
    It allows the plant to make more food
  5. State a benefit of geotropism
    It makes sure that the roots find water and minerals in the soil and that the plant is well anchored
  6. List the two tissues used to transport food and water in plants
    Xylem - Water

    Phloem - Food
  7. What is transpiration?
    This is the loss of water from the leaves of plants
  8. State a function of transpiration
    To cool the plant

    To bring water from the roots to the leaves

    To carry minerals in the water up the plant

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Science - Plant Responses & Transport
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Plant Responses Transport

Plant Responses & Transport
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