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  1. What is Prayer of Conversation?
    • Sharing with God whatever is happening in our life, our thoughts, and our feelings
    • - can be done quietly in your mind and heart, or through journaling
  2. What is Prayer of Petition (Intercession)
    • asking God for help for ourselves or others
    • Perhaps the most common form of prayer
  3. What is Prayer of Thanksgiving?
    • Expressing gratitude for the many gifts and blessings that God sends into our lives
    • - This kind of prayer is particularlly helpful during difficult times because it reminds us of the positive in our lives
  4. What is Prayer of Praise (adoration)?
    telling god how wonderful He is, and ho wonderful all things of creation are
  5. What is Prayer with Scripture?
    reading a passage from Scripture and reflecting on how God might be using that reading to talk to you in your life right now
  6. What is Prayer of Meditation?
    • Focusing our attention on God and the mysteries of God
    • This kind of prayer can be private (in your mind and heart) or it may be guided by a leader
  7. What is Prayer with Music?
    listening to a song (religious or not) and reflecting (in writing or in your mind) on what God might be saying to you through that song
  8. What is Traditional Prayer?
    • Praying in the special words provided by a particular religious tradition
    • For example, the prayers that you learned when you were little and or in grade school
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