Traditional Vocations in the Catholic Church

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  1. What is a vocation?
    God's call to live a life of love--to bring love into the world in which you find yourself in a way that only you can
  2. What is the traditional Vocation give us a clearer framework, or guid, for?
    HOW to live that life of love to which we are each called
  3. What are the Three Traditional Formal Vocations?
    • religious life
    • single life
    • married life
  4. How do i know which one is right for me?
    • --> Knowing what you should do with your life involves many things including:
    • strong self-knowledge
    • an openness to ideas that may be new or surprising
    • the ability to be honest with yourself and with others
    • trust that God has a plan and a purpose for your life that God wants you to discover
  5. Religious Life in the Catholic Church
    There are two ways to live the religious lifestyle: __ and __
    • "ordained" life for men, as priests and/or deacons
    • "vowed religious" life for men and women, as nuns (sisters) or brothers
  6. What does the Religious Lifestyle involve? (4)
    • 1) committing yourself to a specific religious community
    • 2) making and respecting vows
    • 3) "living in community"- living with others who have chosen to live a religious lifestyle
    • 4) Committing your life to God and service to God's people
  7. What are the religious communities serving LF?
    • SSJ
    • IHM
    • RSM (Sisters of Mercy)
  8. religious Community
    -Each religious community has its own __ and __.
    - These deifferences reflect the __ of the __.
    • unique spirituality/ guidelines for service and prayer
    • spirituality/ community's founder
  9. IHM Sisters
    - Founder?
    - Where?
    - Mission?
    • - Father Gillet, a redemptionist Missionary
    • - in Michigan in 1845; began serving in PA in 1858
    • - involves teaching and evangelization that is motivated by love, hope, and faithfulness to Jesus and Mary
  10. Sisters of Saint Joseph
    - founder?
    - fact?
    - mission?
    • -originally founded by 6 sisters in France in 1650. This original community was destroyed in the French Revolution
    • - it was re-established by Sr. Saint John Foontbonne in 1807. They came to Philly in 1847
    • - involves being "ready for any good work"
  11. Sisters of Mercy
    - Founder?
    - mission?
    • -by Catherine McAuley in Ireland in 1831 The sisters came to serve in the US in 1843
    • - involves serving all people in need, especially helping those who are sick, poor, and uneducated to overcome the obstacles that keep them from living their best livesq
  12. Vows
    - aka: __
    - Those who choose the religious lifestyle make __ vows: __
    • evangelical counsels
    • 3
    • sacred, public,promises to follow examples of Jesus
    • (poverty/ chastity/ obedience)
  13. Explain Vow #1.
    Poverty: the promise to live simply, without attachment to material things, and to value and seek goodness and happiness that cannot be bought
  14. Explain vow #2.
    • Chastity: is a commitment to a unique way of loving--one that does not focus on a particular ther person but is, rather, open to loving all of God's children as an extension of a focused, prayerful, love of God.
    • - This vow includes a commitment of celibacy, which is the promise to never marry or engage in a sexual relationship with anyone
  15. Explain vow #3
    Obedience: a promise to give oneself completely and unselfishly to the service of God and others
  16. "Living in Community"
    What is it?
    • Living in Community is living with other people who try as a group to be of service to God, others, and each other
    • It involves (among many other things) the sharing of faith, time, prayer, meals, resources, responsibilities, and work
  17. Community to Service
    In religious life, there are two kinds of service:
    __ and__
    • Active Service: involves direct contact with those being served
    • Contemplative Service: involves full-time prayer for the needs nad intentions of the world
  18. What about "Ordained Life"
    The Scarament of __ is received when?
    • Holy Orders (Ordination)
    • when men become deacons, priests, and bishops
  19. As a priest, ordained life is lived in one of two ways: __ and __.
    as a diocesan priest or as a religious order priest
  20. Diocesan Priest
    A diocesan priest works directly for a local bishop and diocese (such as the Archdiocese of Philadelphia)
  21. Religious Order Priest
    Similar to the "vowed religious life" of sisters and brothers, religious order priests choose to belong to a particular community (such as the Jesuits, Franciscans, Vincentians)
  22. Religious Order priests do what similar to someone else?
    they take the same three vows that vowed religious take
  23. Diocesan priests take what?
    two vows: chastity/ obedience
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