Evergreen id. 5

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    Thuja occidentalis

    American Arborvitae

    Zone 3

    Has scales not needles, soft, scales grow into fan shape which spreads in all directions, tiny cones, hates to get dry, used in hedging. Grows 10-15' tall and spreads 2-3'
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    Thuja orientalis

    Oriental Arborvitae

    Zone 5

    Shorter, conical, yellow variety popular, comes in green and yellowish, fan shaped scales grow pointing upwards, cone is greyish blue and is kind of yoda shaped :-), common in the west, used in hedging, and in cut trade for garlands and wreaths, smaller scale size. Grows 5-8' high and spreads 3-5'.
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    Thuja plicata

    Western Red Cedar

    Zone 5

    Not fan shaped, more of a feathery shape, scales very open and large. Tree, not shrub, can have huge trunks, in NW grows fuller and lusher, red under bark, cone identical to american arborvitae in wild can get anywhere from 100-200' tall. Grows 50-70' tall and spreads 20-30' (in landscape).
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    Cedrus atlantica 'Glauca'

    Blue Atlas Cedar

    Zone 6

    Can be very blue, or greyish blue, spindley, produces needles on spurs, not soft needle, 1" needle, all needles about same length making it look kind of crew cut, lusher in the west, popular for blue color, cones sit upright and kind of looks like a beehive. Grows 40-60' tall and spreads 30-40'.
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    Cedrus atlantica 'Glauca Pendula'

    Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar

    Zone 6

    Weeping form of blue atlas cedar, can be trained to grow in different shapes, specimin for habit and color.
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    Cedrus deodara

    Deodar Cedar

    Zone 7

    Floppy, relaxed looking spur needles, 1"-2" needles. People like for needle look and fluffyness of tree, does best with humidity. Cones are sappy and beehive shaped. Grows 40-70' tall and spreads 20-30'.
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    Taxus x media 'Brownii"

    Browns Yew

    Zone 4

    Bushy shrubby mass and roundy, great sheared hedge, if humid can be in open, likes shady areas. Has red berry like cones, that are highly toxic. Grows 10' high and wide.
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    Taxus x media 'Hicksii"

    Hicks Yew

    Zone 4

    Grows upright, narrow columnar form, used as a hedge or screen, cone looks like a red berry and is highly toxic, Grows 10-12' tall and spreads 2-3'.
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    Taxus cuspidata 'Nana'

    Spreading Japanese Yew

    Zone 4

    Low light tolerant plants, has single needles, dark green colored, soft to the touch, seen alot around church buildings, grows in a vase-like shape, plant on N. side of buildings so can get shade. Grows 10-15' high and wide.
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    Taxus baccata

    English Yew

    Zone 6

    Grows to be massive, grows upright, very formal plant, black green in color. Grows 50' tall and 15-20' wide.
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    Photinia x fraseri

    Fraser Photinia

    Zone 6

    Red leaves on new growth, flowers with white flower, but not seen often because is cut back a lot for the red leaves, cardboard textured leaf with a serrated edge, used for hedging, specimin for its color. Grows 10' tall and wide.
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    Metasequoia glyptostroboides

    Dawn Redwood

    Zone 5

    Pinnate leaf, lacey ferny leaf, dinosaur tree, deciduous- loses leaves in fall, turns orangy yellow, nice light green new leaf, redish fibery bark, smaller cones, likes moisture. Grows 60-70' tall and spreads 20-30' (in the landscape)
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    Taxodium distichum

    Bald Cypress

    Zone 4

    Deciduous conifer, looks almost identical to dawn red wood, with acception of narrower leaf. Leaf gets oranger in the fall, leaves gets really skinny at the top where the redwood is larger and rounder, creates cypress knees- which are roots growing in water that comes up for air. Grows 40-60' tall and spreads 20-30'
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    Tsuga canadensis

    Canadian Hemlock

    Zone 4

    Cone about sz. of paper clip, flat needle, kind of lacey. People like fot the soft needle look, single short needles. Requires a lot of humidity. used for creating large screens or as a background tree. Grows 40-70' tall and spreads 20-30' (in the landscape)
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    Sequioa sempervirens

    Coastal Redwood/ California Redwood

    Zone 7

    Tallest living plant on the planet, People like for perfect Christmas tree shape and red bark, doesn't lose leaves, pointy pinnate leaves, tiny cone. Grows 60-80' tall and spreads 30-40' (in the landscape)
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