Bio Test 5

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  1. Coelum
    • Holds the long digestive tube.
    • divided into two parts
    • •thoracic cavity contains the heart and lungs
    • •abdominal cavity contains the stomach, intestines, and liver
  2. Tissue
    • A group of cells of the same type that perform a particular function.
    • Four general classes of tissues
    • Epithelial
    • Connective
    • Muscle
    • Nerves
  3. Organs
    Body structures comprised of several different tissues grouped together into a larger structural and functional unit
  4. 11 Organ Systems





    •immune and lymphatic





  5. Epithelium
    Protects the tissues beneath them from dehydration

    • Provides sensory surfaces
    • •many of a vertebrate’s sense organs are
    • modified epithelial cells

    • Secretes materials
    • •most secretory glands are derived from pockets of
    • epithelial cells
  6. 3 Epithelial Cell Tpyes
    • Squamous
    • Cuboidal
    • Columnar
  7. Connective Tissue Cells
    • Defense (Cells of the immune system)
    • Support (Cells of the skeletal system)
    • Storage & Distributuon (Blood & fat cells)
  8. Immune Cells
    White Blood Cells

    • Macrophages - engulf & digest invaders
    • Lymphocytes - attack virus-infcted cells or make antibodies
  9. 3 Kinds of Connective Tissue
    • Fibrous
    • Cartilage
    • Bone
  10. Muscle Tissue
    • Smooth - Long, spindle shaped cells
    • Skeletal - cells in long fibers
    • Cardiac - interconnected, so they contract together in an orderly pulsation
  11. Osteoblasts
    Deposit bone
  12. Osteoclasts
    Secrete enzymes that digest bone
  13. Arteries
    Carry blood away from the heart
  14. Veins
    Carry blood to the heart
  15. Capilleries
    • Connect the arteries to the veins
    • Sites of gas, nutrient, & waste exchange
  16. The Lymphatic System
    Returns leky fluids (lymph) back to the circulatory system
  17. Blood Plasma
    Contains matabolites & wastes, salts & ions, and proteins
  18. Heart
    Four-chamberd with two complete pumping circuits

    Oxegenated blood from lungs -> Pulmonary vein -> Left atrium -> Left ventricle -> Pumped out to the body

    Deoxegenated blood -> Right atrium -> Right ventricle -> Lungs
  19. Oxygen is transported by
    hemoglobin in red blood cells
  20. Most of Caron Dioxide ir transported
    as bicarbonate in blood plasma
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