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  1. GI Disease Emphasis:
    Characteristic Signs/Symptoms:

    Parotitis with mumps
  2. GI Disease Emphasis:Characteristic Signs/Symptoms:

    Rice-water stools with colera
  3. GI Disease Emphasis:
    Characteristic Signs/Symptoms:

    Shigella dysenteriae & Entamoeba histolytica
    Blood & mucus with Shigella dysenteriae and Entamoeba histolytica
  4. GI Disease Emphasis:

    Association with dietary ingedients:
    Dental caries & sucrose
  5. GI Disease Emphasis:

    Characteristics of Hepatitis Virus:

    nakes ss (+) RNA virus
  6. GI Disease Emphasis:

    Characteristics of Hepatitis Virus:

    enveloped circular dsDNA virus with ssDNA gaps & intermediate RNA stage
  7. GI Disease Emphasis:

    Characteristics of Hepatitis Virus:

    enveloped ss (+) RNA virus
  8. What protozoans are mentioned& what class are they in?
    • 1) Giardia lamblia= flagellate
    • 2) Entamoeba histolytica= amoeba
    • 3) Cryptosporidium parvum= sporozoan
  9. Name the protozoans mentioned in class & the symptoms of them.
    1)Giardia lamblia= very smelly loose fatty stools with excessive flatulence, weight loss

    2)Entamoeba histolytica= dysentery

    • 3)Cryptosporidium parvum=
    • self limiting diarrhea in healthy people but life threatening diarrhea in immunocompromised people
  10. What helminths were mentioned and what are the signs/symptoms associatd with these infestations?
    1) Enterobius vermicularis= perianal itching, irritability, sleeplessness

    2) Ascaris lumbricoides= blockage & migration

    3)Necator americanus= iron defiency anemia

    4)Taenia solium= maybe wieght loss
  11. GI Disease Emphasis:

    Associated with eating particular food?
    Taenia solium : pork
  12. GI Infections:

    Intoxications vs. Toxo-infections vs. Infections

    Name the Intoxifications.
    • -Staphylococcus aureus
    • -Clostridum botulinum
    • -Clostridum perfringens
  13. GI Infections:

    Name the Toxico-Infections.(6 of them)
    • 1)Campylobacter jejuni
    • 2)Clostridium perfringens
    • 3)Shingellosis (bacillary dysentery)
    • 4)Cholera
    • 6) Pesudomembranous colitis
  14. GI Infections:

    Name the Infections.
    -Typhoid fever (enteric fever)
  15. Bacterial vs. Viral GI Diseases:

    Name the Bacterial GI Diseases.
    • (9)
    • -Dental caries
    • -Gingivits
    • -Periodontal disease
    • -Salmonellosis
    • -Typhoid (enteric) fever
    • -Baciallary dysentery (shingellosis)
    • -Campylobacter jejuni
    • -Cholera
  16. Bacterial vs. Viral GI Diseases:

    Name the Viral GI Diseases.
    • (3)
    • -Mumps
    • -Hepatitis A,B,C infection
    • -Rotavirus infection
  17. Urinary tract infections & STDs emphasis

    Characteristics of infectious agents:
    -Neisseria gonorrhoeae?
    -Treponema pallidum?
    -Chlamydia trachomatis?
    -Hemophilus ducreyi?
    -Candida albicans?
    -Trichomonas vaginalis?
    • -Neisseria gonorrhoeae= gram (-) diplococci
    • -Treponema pallidum= spirochete
    • -Chlamydia trachomatis=gram (-) coccobacillus
    • -Hemophilus ducreyi= gram (-) rod
    • -Candida albicans= gram (+) budding yeast, pseudohyphae
    • -Trichomonas vaginalis= flagellated protozoan
  18. Urinary tract infections & STDs emphasis:

    Complications, if any:
    -Genital herpes?
    • -UTI= septicemia
    • -Gonorrhea, NGU= PID, infertility, sterility, ectopic pregnancy
    • -Syphilis= tertiary syphilis, congenital syphilis (Hutchinson's teeth, saddle nose, Saber shin, deafness)
    • -Genital herpes= recurent episodes, Caesarean delivery
    • -HPV= cervical carcinoma
    • -HIV= AIDS
  19. Urinary Tract Infections & STDS emphasis:

    Specific predispostions to the disease:

    -Candida albicans?
    -Trichomonas vaginalis?
    -Any STD?
    -Indicator infection?
    -Candida albicans vaginitis= pregnancy, oral contraceptive use, antibiotic therapy

    -Trichomonas vaginalis= vaginal pH> 5

    -Any STD is more easily transmitted to someone who is already infected with a STD that produces open lesions like syphilis, genital herpes, chancroid

    -Indicator infection for AIDS
  20. Bacterial vs. Viral STDs

    Name the Bacterial STDs
    • -Gonorrhea
    • -NGU (post gonococcal urethritis)
    • -LGV
    • -PID
    • -Syphilis
    • -Chancroid
  21. Bacterial vs. Viral STDs:

    Name the Viral STDs
    • -Genital Herpes
    • -Genital Warts or Condyloma accuminata
    • -HIV infection or AIDS
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