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  1. Define ecology
    This is the study of the relationship between plants, animals and their environments
  2. Define habitat
    This is where a plant or animal lives eg. woodland
  3. What is a producer? Give an example
    A producer is a plant that makes their own food eg. grass
  4. What is a consumer? Give an example
    A consumer is an animal that gets its food by eating plants and animals eg. rabbit
  5. List four types of consumers found in a typical habitat and give an example of each
    Herbivores eg. greenfly and caterpillars

    Carnivores eg. spiders and hawks

    Omnivores eg. badgers and magpies

    Decomposers eg. earthworms and bacteria in soil
  6. What is a food chain?
    This is a list of living things that feed on each other
  7. What is meant by a food web?
    A food web consists of two or more interconnected food chains
  8. Define adaptation
    Adaptation is a structure that living things have which enable them to survive in their environment
  9. Explain competition in relation to ecology
    Competition occus when two or more organisms require something that is in short supply
  10. What is interdependence?
    Interdependence means that living things depend on each other for survival
  11. List the environmental factors that can be measured in a habitat
    Air temperature

    Light intensity

    Wind direction

    Soil pH
  12. How are animals caollected in a habitat?

    Beating tray

  13. How can you estimate the number of plants in a habitat?

    Line transect

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