Science - Ecology and Habitat Study

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  1. Define ecology
    This is the study of how living things interact with their environment and each other
  2. Define habitat
    This is where a plant or animal lives eg. woodland, hedgerow or a pond
  3. What is a population?
    This is a group of organisms of the same species living in the same habitat
  4. What is a community?
    This is all of the different populations that live in a habitat
  5. What is an ecosystem?
    This is all the communities in a habitat interacting with each other and with their environment eg. grassland and seashore
  6. What is a biome?
    This is an ecosystem that extends over a very large area eg. rainforest or desert
  7. What is a biosphere?
    This is all of the Earth's ecosystems together to form one large ecosystem
  8. List two factors that affect the plants and animals living in a habitat
    1. Abiotic (non-living) eg. temperature and the type of landscape

    2. Biotic (living) eg. competition, predation and symbiosis
  9. What is a producer? Give an example
    A producer is a plant that makes their own food eg. grass
  10. What is a consumer? Give an example
    A consumer is an animal that gets its food by eating plants and animals eg. rabbit
  11. List four types of consumers found in a typical habitat and give an example of each
    Herbivores are animals that eat plants only eg. rabbits

    Carnivores are animals that eat animals only eg. hawks

    Omnivores are animals that eat both plants and animals eg. foxes

    Decomposers feed on dead plants and animals eg. earthworms
  12. What is a food chain?
    This is a list of living things that feed on each other
  13. State an example of a food chain from a habitat that you have studied
    Grass - Rabbit - Fox
  14. What is meant by a food web?
    A food web consists of two or more interconnected food chains
  15. Define adaptation
    Adaptation is a structure that living things have which enable them to survive in their environment eg. a grasshopper is the same colour as grass for camouflage
  16. Give an example of adaptation from a habitat that you have studied
    1. Grasshoppers are the same colour as grass for camouflage

    2. A nettle stings to prevent it being eaten by grazing animals

    3. Sunflowers can turn to follow the movement of the Sun in order to maximise photosynthesis
  17. Explain competition in relation to ecology
    Competition occurs when two or more organisms require something that is in short supply eg. food, space, oxygen, water, light and mates
  18. Give an example of competition from a habitat that you have studied
    1. Grass and weeds compete for space and light in a garden

    2. Foxes compete with each other for food
  19. State the importance of predation
    This controls the number of organisms in an ecosystem
  20. What is a predator?
    This catches, kills and eats the prey
  21. What is prey?
    This is the organism being hunted
  22. What is symbiosis?
    This is a relationship between two different species where at least one benefits
  23. Give an example of symbiosis from a habitat that you have studied
    The cleaner fish eat parasites out of the mouths of Moray eels, meaning the eel is kept healthy and the cleaner fish gets food.  As a result, the eel will not eat the fish
  24. What is interdependence?
    Interdependence means that living things depend on each other for survival
  25. Give an example of interdependence from a habitat that you have studied
    Bees collect pollen from the flower for food and then transfers the pollen to a different flower so that fertilisation can take place
  26. What is a niche?
    This describes the role of an organism within a habitat
  27. List the environmental factors that can be measured in a habitat
    Air temperature

    Light intensity

    Wind direction

    Soil pH
  28. How are animals collected in a habitat?

    Beating tray

    Pitfall Trap


    Identification Key
  29. How can you estimate the number of plants in a habitat?

    Line transect
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