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  1. A _____ Led to ________, which followed by the Black Death
    • Ice Age
    • Famine
  2. Bubonic plague was spread by ________ Carrying what bacteruum_______
    • black rats and fleas,
    • carrying the bacterium Yersina pestis,
  3. Why did peasant revolts
    ruling classes reduced wage rates
  4. The Hundred years' war was between _____ and _____
    France and England
  5. The Hundred Years' begin when what ended
    French Capetian line ended
  6. backbone of medieval armies,
    Armored knights on horseback
  7. a young peasant woman, who claimed to have been told by an angel and saints that she should offer her support to the dauphin, the heir to the throne.
    Joan of Arc
  8. Confrontation between France's _____ and_______ led to the removal of the papacy to Avignon on France's border in 1305.
    • Philip IV
    • Pope Boniface VIII
  9. Who explored three-dimensional realism
  10. site of the battle in 1415 where England's Henry V defeated the French army and won the right to inherit the French throne.
  11. Leader of the Peasants' Revolt in Englad
    Watt Tyler
  12. Results of peasants revolt
    forced the government to withdraw the poll tax.
  13. 2 main Causes of the Hundred Years' War
    • 1.) English King's Claim to France
    • 2. Seizure of Gascony by the French Crown
  14. 3.) Conduct and Course of the War
    • 1. English Bowmen Defeat French at Crecy
    • 2. French King Captured at Poitiers
    • 3. English Victory at Agincourt
  15. Henry VII dissolved the monasteries largelt because
    He needed their Wealth
  16. The chief center of the protestant reformaer in 16 century was
  17. By 1555 the protestant reformation had spread to all but
  18. The great Christain huminest of the 15th and 16th century believed the reform could be achieved through
    Education and social change
  19. The reformation in Germany resulted in
    Germany being weaker
  20. Overrall Henry VII religious reformation in Enfland occurred for
    Political reason
  21. Which of the following clrarlt did not support Luther
    Charles V
  22. Which of the following is not identified with corrupt practices in the early 16 century church
    The Brethren of the common life
  23. John Knox and the reformation movement in Schotland were most influence by
  24. The cornerstone of Calvin's theology was his belief in
  25. Accoring to Lutget, Salvation comes though
  26. Which of the following did not come from the anabaptist tradiition
  27. Under the presbyterian form of church government, the church is govern by
  28. The conciliar movement was
    an attempt to place ultimate church authorit in a gereral council.
  29. The plague was probabl brought into Europe by
    Genoese ships from the Crimea
  30. In gereral farm laboers who survived the bubonic plagure face
    Higher wages
  31. All of the follwoing were results of the Hundred YEars' War except
    A growth of Natioanalism
  32. Which of the following statments about the 14th century is false
    The standard of living fell drastically
  33. Most people in the 14th century believed that the back death was cause by
    Bad air
  34. The plague disaster of the 14 century resulted in all but whih of the following for European society
    A ecline in Flagellanism
  35. Which of the following did not participate in the Hundred Year's War?
    King Philip the Fair
  36. One reason for peasant-landlord conflict in the 14th century was
    Landlords attempts to legislate wages
  37. The author of Defensor Pacis and proponent of the idea that authority in the Christain Church rested in a eral council rather than in the papcy was
    Marsiglio of Padua
  38. Which of the following statement about the Hundred Years' is true
    Depressed the English wool trade
  39. The follower of the English theologian-reformer Wyclif were called
  40. Fur-Collar crime is a term used to descibe
    the robbery and extortion inflicted on the poor by the rich
  41. After 1347 the Black Dath generally moved
    From south to north
  42. Initially the Hundred Year's wars was fought over
    King Edward III's claim to the French crown.
  43. English military innovations during the Hundred YEar;s War included
    The cannon and the longbow
  44. Which of the following statements about marriafes during the Middle Ages is true
    Most marriages were arranged
  45. Which of the following was a writer of venacular literature
  46. Which of the following statements about Joan of Arc is false
    The English king was her greates supporter
  47. For the French the turning point of the Hundred Year's War war
    The relief of Orleans
  48. The Wars of the were
    Civil wars between the English ducal houses of York and Lancaster
  49. Gernerall, the new source of criminals after Hundred Years war was
    The nobility
  50. In the 14th Century craft guild began to change in that
    Membership became more restrictive and master-jouneyman relation deteriorated
  51. Chaucer's Canterburt Tales Reflect what
    Cultural Tensions of the time
  52. Martin Luther's doctrine included all the following EXCEPT
  53. The political causes of the Protestant Reformation included
    the quest for indulgences combined with the the factors above
  54. An indulgence in Christian theology was
    forgiveness of sin
  55. St. Thomas Aquinas' theology which the Protestant reformers opposed, taught that
    all is predestined
  56. Luther's posting of the 95 Theses at Wittenburg was inspired by
    the sale of papal indulgences
  57. By the 16th Century, the Reformation had extended its influence to all the following nations EXCEPT
  58. For Europe, the Protestant Revolt of Martin Luther
    inspired little interest or concern
  59. The Anabaptists preached
    the clergy's role as a guide to salvation was useless
  60. The most accurate of the following statements concerning the Anglican Church is
    It began as a Catholic movement under the king.
  61. The Book of Common Prayer became the
    sanctioned prayer book of the Anglican Church
  62. Martin Luther finally concluded
    by faith alone are humans justified in the sight of God
  63. All of the following were predecessors of the Luthern reform EXCEPT
    John Gerson
  64. Ulrich Zwingli was responsible for the Protestant conversion of
  65. John Calvin's concept of predestination is best verified by
    evidence of material success and piety
  66. The German Peasants' Revolt of 1524-1525 was
    a desperate attempt to lower prices and break the monopoly of the wealthy
  67. The achievements of the Renaissance were due to the growth in all the following EXCEPT
    patronage of the urban nobility
  68. Petrarch stated his belief that the millennium after Rome's fail were
    a dark age
  69. Renaissance humanism
    established the dignity of man, as well as the nobility of the human race
  70. A constant factor in the attitude toward human characteristics during the Renaissance was
  71. The term "Renaissance man" is
    a person who is accomplished in many different pursuits and is learned and civilized
  72. All of the following fit the Renaissance worldview EXCEPT
  73. Which of the following characteristics of human nature were emphasized during the Renaissance?
    all the virtues mentioned above, in addition to breadth of knowledge
  74. Primary among the causes for expansion of the secular spirit was the
    business success of the merchant class
  75. Erasmus maintained that
    misery and injustice are due to ignorance and superstition
  76. The major focus of the Italian Renaissance was
    to provide a harmonious balance of all aspects of human endeavor
  77. The great emphasis the humanists placed upon education was expressed in their belief that it should
    prepare a man for public affairs
  78. henry viii dissolved the monasteries largely because
    He wanted the money
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