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  1. What are the components of Rational Emotive Therapy?
    • Direct instruction
    • Logical Disputation
    • Persuasion
  2. how does Beck change beliefs
    • (cognitive therapy)
    • empirical hypothesis testing
    • Socratic questioning
    • More collaborative than RET
  3. what is the maladaptive cognitive triad?
    • Beck's view of depression
    • Negative view of self, world and future
  4. what is Meichenbaum's theory?
    Cognitive Behavior Modification
  5. what is Rehm's theory?
    Self-Control Model of Depression
  6. What are the 3 components of Rehm's theory of depression?
    • negative self-evaluations
    • lack of self-reinforcement
    • high rates of self-punishment
  7. What is Marlatt's theory on Relapse Prevention?
    • views addiction as over-learned habits
    • relapse is inevitable

    • Identify triggers: environment, interpersonal situations
    • Learn coping skills
  8. According to Marlatt what is the most common trigger?
    Negative internal state
  9. There are three types of modeling in Social Learning Theory - Symbolic, Live In-vivo, and Participant... what are they?
    • Symbolic modeling - observing a model on a film
    • Live In-Vivo - observing a model in real life.
    • Participant modeling- model guides the person (this is very effective for kids with phobias)
  10. What is the "dialectical" in Linehan's DBT?
    The need for simultaneous "acceptance" and "change."
  11. What are the 4 conditions pts receiving DBT need to agree to?
    • 1. Work in tx for specific period and attend all sessions.
    • 2. Decrease suicidal behavior
    • 3. Work on tx interfering behaviors.
    • 4. Attend skills training
  12. What skills are taught in skills training of DBT?
    • Mindfulness
    • interpersonal effectiveness
    • emotion modulation
    • distress tolerance
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