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  1. Immunocytic system / specific
    • Monocyte and macrophages
    • Circulating T and B lymphocytes
  2. What is a Band neutrophil appearance
    • Nucleus is horseshoe shaped with large round ends
    • Image Upload
  3. 1.Phagocytic system / non-specific
  4. Phagocytic system of leukocytes
    • 1.Granulocytes
    • 2.Neutrophils
    • 3.Eosinophils
    • 4.Basophils
  5. Toxic neutrophil appearance
    • Image Upload
    • •Blue cytoplasm
    • •Dohle bodies in the cytoplasm (small angular blue-gray granules)
    • •Vacuoles in the cytoplasm
    • •Increased size
    • •Could indicate bacterial infection
  6. A Predominant circulating granulocyte is a
    A Neutrophil
  7. What is a neutrophil capable of doing?
    Capable of seeking out, ingesting, killing, and digesting invading microorganisms
  8. Eosinophils (a granulocyte
    • •Red cytoplasmic granules
    • •Modulate hypersensitivity reactions
    • •Adhere to helminth parasites
    • •Eosinophilia is only significant when it persists over time (several samples)
  9. What kind of Granules do Neutophil contain?
    •Contain specific granules (for bacterial killing) and lysosomes (with digestive enzymes)
  10. Persistent eosinophilia is suggestive of systemic hypersensitivity reaction
    True or False?
  11. True or False
    Neutrophils cannot divide, replenish granule content, or regenerate surface membrane ?
    • True
    • They cannot divide, replenish granule content, or regenerate surface membrane
  12. what is the lifespan of Neutrophils
    Short life span of hours to days
  13. Eosinophils
    Can only consider a sign of parasitic infection with parasites that have a systemic phase
    True Or False?
    • True
    • •Can only consider a sign of parasitic infection with parasites that have a systemic phase
  14. What is a band cell?
    Immature neutrophil, young cell
  15. Is a left shift clinically important?
    yes, Left shift is clinically important.
  16. Neutrophilia with a left shift
    classic acute inflammation
  17. Neutropenia with a left shift
    indicates overwhelming inflammation
  18. Normal neutrophil counts do accompany what?
    chronic inflammation
  19. Neutrophil appearance
    • Image Upload
    • •Irregular and elongated nucleus
    • •Pale pink cytoplasm
  20. Are Eosinopenia difficult to appreciate and diagnose?
    Yes they are
  21. Eosinophil appearance
    • Image Upload
    • •Uniform in size and stain an intense pink
  22. Basophils( granulocyte)
    • Granules stain blue
    • •Appear to have small vacuoles in the nucleus (those are the basophilic granules)
  23. Are Basophils Phagocytic?
    Not phagocytic, but do play a part in inflammation
  24. What do Basophil granules contain?
    Granules contain histamine (increase vascular permeability) and heparin (anticoagulant
  25. When do Basophilia usually occur?
    Basophilia usually occurs with eosinophilia
  26. Basophil appearance
    • Image Upload
    • •Similar nucleus to monocytes
    • •Granules actually stain purple (possibly lavender) to blue-black
  27. Monocytes
    precursors of all macrophages
  28. What do Macrophages do?
    Macrophages are phagocytes, modify antigens for recognition, release inflammatory mediators, and regulate iron stores.
  29. True or False Monocyte is not in circulation?
    • False,
    • Monocyte is in circulation!
  30. Is macrophage in circulation?
    No macrophage is not in circulation.
  31. What does Monocytosis indicate?
    Monocytosis indicates tissue necrosis and a demand for phagocytosis (acute or chronic)
  32. What do Monocytes and Macrophages do of the Phagocytic system?
    Links nonspecific and specific immune systems.
  33. Monocyte appearance
    • Image Upload
    • •Variably shaped nuclei
    • •Cytoplasm is blue-gray and may contain vacuoles and/or small fine pink granules
    • •May be difficult to distinguish from band neutrophils
    • •If there is no left shift you are probably looking at monocytes
  34. Lymphocyte appearance
    • Image Upload
    • •Slightly indented nucleus
    • •Cytoplasm is light blue and scanty
    • •Cytoplasm may contain pink-purple granules
  35. What is a Reactive Lymph & the appearance?
    • Increased cytoplasm
    • •Basophilic cytoplasm
    • •Perinuclear halo
    • Result of antigenic stimulation
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