MuHis 330 Final Vocab

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  1. Trope
    Addition to the text and music. Hildegard of Bingen
  2. Magnus Liber Organi
    Book containg all polyphony at the Notre Dame School of Paris. Leonin and Perotin
  3. Hocket
    Form of syncopation, singing or playing when another voice is resting. Machaut
  4. Ars Nova
    1300-1370. A treatise that introduced duple meter for which an entire era of music was named. Philip Vitry.
  5. Ballata
    A secular Italian piece of polyphony from the 14th centry, The form was aab. Jacopo de Bologna
  6. Madrigal
    A song for 2-3 voices, no accompaniment. Consist of 2 or more 3 line stanzas and ended in ritornello (refrain). Jacopo de Bologna
  7. Ars subtilior
    A style of polyphony from S. France and N. Italy. Extreme complexity in rhythm and notation. Philippus de Caserta.
  8. Chorale
    A congregational hymn sung in what is now modern Germany and vernacular. Johann Walter.
  9. Fauxbourdon
    The music is in 1st inversion. The bottom voice is a 6th below to top and the third voice is a 4th below. Du Fay.
  10. Full anthem
    A polyphonic choir work in English without accompaniment. Byrd.
  11. Headmotive
    The initial motive oprphrase of a passage or movement to connect to other passages or movement throughout the piece. Josquin
  12. Musica transalpina
    A collection of madrigals translated in English in 1588. Led to the English madrigals. Nicolas Young
  13. Old Hall Manuscript
    A collection of music that contained the contenance anglois. Dunstable.
  14. Sogetto cavato
    Technique used to put anames in the music where you used the solfege syllanles closely related to the vowels of the name. Josquin.
  15. Academy
    Centers of amateur learning in the sciences and humanties. We studied the Camerata
  16. Intermedio
    Musical numbers between acts of plays. Camerata
  17. Tableau
    Music played between acts. Camerata
  18. Monody
    Single line with simple accompaniment
  19. Le nouve Musiche
    New Music, music collection of embellishments
  20. Pastoral poetry
    outdoors, shepards. Guarini.
  21. Prima Practica
    Music more important than text. Must follow rules. Artusi
  22. Secunda Practica
    Text more important than the music. Many break any rules to bring out text. Monteverdi.
  23. Concerto
    Voice and instruments together. Gabrieli.
  24. Stile concitato
    Rapid repetition of single not on instrument. Monteverdi.
  25. bel canto
    Beautiful melody, simple accompaniment and harmonies, main focus is music. Cesti
  26. Cantata
    Anything sung in Italian.
  27. Latino
    Latin text. Prose. One large movement making it 10-30 min. Carissimi.
  28. Volgare
    Italian, poetry, 2 large movements making it 30-90 min.
  29. Ricercare
    Pieces meant to go during the Credo. Imitative. Chromatic theme. Theme augmented. Frescobaldi.
  30. Fiori Musicali
    A set of three organ masses, each containing all the music an organist would play at Mass. Frescobaldi.
  31. Suite
    All in the same key. Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre.
  32. Agréments
    French ornaments. Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre.
  33. Stile Brisé
    Lute player. Not many long notes. Voices drop in and out. Arpeggios run before cadence. Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre.
  34. En rondeau
    Refrain that oftens comes back. Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre.
  35. Ordre
    Binary with repeats. Programmatic titles. Couperin.
  36. Sonata
    Anything menat to be played on an instrument.
  37. Da chiesa
    church sonata meant to played in a church
  38. Da camera
    Chamber sonata that is not played in church.
  39. Chains of suspensions
    Suspensions lead to another into suspensions. Corelli
  40. Sarabande
    slow triple meter dance with emphasis on beat 2. Corelli
  41. Gigue
    dance, fast, found in suite, compound meter and binary with repeat. Corelli.
  42. Ritornello Form
    Rit. Epi. Rit. Epi. Rit. Epi. Rit. Epi. Rit. Epi. - ABCC'
  43. Divertissement
    A long interlude of ballet, solo airs, choral singing, and spectacle, intended as entertainment. Lully.
  44. Semi-operas
    Spoken words - song and dance. Purcell.
  45. French Overature
    2 movements, slow, many dotted notes, played as double dotted notes. Lully.
  46. Note inégales
    Swung 8th notes
  47. Accompanied recitatif
    Accompanied by strings only. Rameau.
  48. Ground bass
    Repeating bass line. Purcell.
  49. Exit arias
    Walk off stage after they sing. Handel.
  50. Fortspinnung
    Use small ma
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