Micro Economics Final

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  1. These are known as "debt instruments?"
  2. The Knowlege and skills possessed by the work force?
    Human Capital
  3. What is the distinctive characterisitc of a natural monopoly?
    Downward Slopping ATC Curve
  4. Represents a net outflow of dollars to the reast of the world?
    Trade Deficiat
  5. Three major things that must be stated on a bond?
    Principle, interest, and terms
  6. Who proposed five stages of economic development?
  7. Term for income earned on stock?
  8. An industry in which one firm can achieve economies of scale over the entire range of market supply?
    Natural Monopoly
  9. The decline of what nation's poverty led to a significant decline in global poverty?
  10. When the bond market is good, how does the stock market fare?
    Generally lower
  11. Provide money for enterpreneurial ventures?
    Venture Capitalists
  12. What destroyed the basis for natural monopoly?
    Advanced technology
  13. What needs to happen if global poverty is to be cut in half?
    3.8% economic growth per year.
  14. What is the poverty rate in America?
  15. Since 1985, the U.S. has been a net...?
  16. What basic needs do poor nations have?
    Water, roads, schools, and legal systems.
  17. What is the key to ending global poverty
    Economic Growth
  18. How many people are in severe poverty?
    Over a billion
  19. What keeps a lid on upward mobility?
    Social Institutions and economic stagnation
  20. Give three costs of regulation?
    Administrative, compliance, efficiency
  21. What has deregulation generally done?
    Lower prices, better services, and more competition.
  22. How do firms raise capital in the stock market?
    Sell stock and ownership
  23. For whom is inflation good?
  24. An international organization which often arranges currency "bailouts?"
    International Monetary Fund
  25. The price of one country's currency expressed in terms of another's?
    Exchange Rate
  26. Refers to the fall in the price of one currency relative to another?
  27. Stocks of gold held by a government to purchae foreign exchange?
    Gold Reserves
  28. Name the three financial markets?
    Stocks, Bonds, and Futures
  29. What is the vital process of the intermediary?
    Spreading the risk
  30. Type of reasons to get a job?
    Social, psychological, economic
  31. Holdings of foreign exchange y official government agencies, usually the central ank or treasury?
    Foreign exchange markets
  32. The devaluation of what currency had a domino effect on other Asian currencies?
    Baht (Thai)
  33. A system in which exchange rates are permitted to vary with market supply and demand conditions?
    Flexible Exchange Rates
  34. A summary of a country's international economic transactions in a given period of time?
    Balance of payments
  35. Three ways the financial markets assist the economy?
    Mobilize savings, manage risk, and signal resource allocation
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