Mgt 304 Ch 10

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  1. Conflict
    Process by which one party preveives that another has taken action that will exert negative affects
  2. Substantive Conflict
    Disagreement over end goals to be persued and the mens for their accomplishment
  3. Emotional Conflict
    Interpersonal dificulties that arise over feelings of anger mistrust dislike etc.
  4. Interorganizational conflict
    Competition btw firms in the same mkt
  5. Interpersonal Conflict
    Occurs btw two or more individuals
  6. Intergroup
    Fights among members of different teams or groups
  7. Dysfunctional Conflict
    Destructive to an individual or a team
  8. Functional conflict
    Results in positive benefirs to individuals or the team
  9. Benefits of functional conflict
    • Careful consideration of decisions
    • Opportunityy for creativity
    • More info for dec. making
  10. Disadv of Dysfunctional conflict
    • Diverts energy
    • Interpersonal hostility
    • Can decrease productivity and job satisfaction
    • Absanteeism and job turnover
  11. Antecedent Conditions
    Felt Conflict
    Manifest conflict (solution or suppression)
    Perceived conflict
    Stages of Conflict
  12. Conflict Resolution
    • Competition
    • Compromise
    • Obliging
    • Forcing
    • Avoiding
  13. Bargaining
    • Two or more parties disute exchange offers
    • Make a joint decision when the parties have different preferences
  14. Two-Party Negotiation
    Manager and other person negotiation
  15. Manage part of a team whose members negotiate
    Group Negotiation
  16. Manager is part of a group that is negotiating with another group
    Intergroup Negotiation
  17. Constituaency Negotiation
    Each party represents a broader group
  18. Taking a stand forces sticking to it
    Self-discipline needed
    Escalating comitment
  19. Always try to understand the merits of other party's position
  20. Seek to be understood but also to understand
    Too much telling and not enough listening
  21. Factors of Effective Negotiation
    1. Quality
    2. Harmoney
    3. Efficiency
    • 1. Negotiation resultsin agreement that is wise and satisfactory to all sides
    • 2. fosters rather than inhibits interpersonal relations
    • 3. Not more costly or consuming than necessary
  22. Bargaining zone
    range between one partys min and other partys max
  23. Mediation
    third party facilitates voluntary agreement in a dispute
  24. Prosocial Behavior
    Actions which benefit others without requiring anthing in return
  25. Whistle blowing
    calling attention to actions or practices that are inconsistent with norms and practices
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