Contracts - ALL V2.0

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  1. Elements to prove recover on basis of Quasi-K
    • 1. Material benefit bestowed
    • 2. Reasonable assumption π would get paid
    • 3. Connection between π and ∆
    • 4. Exhausted all other possible remedies
  2. Case Name
  3. US Naval Inst V. Chart comma
    Failure to follow K terms is breach. Calculate remedy by π's loss not ∆'s gain
  4. Hawkins v McGee
    The hairy hand case- What is said should be accepted at face value. Promises or Guarantees should be upheld to face value of oral agreement.
  5. Bayliner Marine v Crow
    Expressed warranties should be accepted for face value but mere opinions or commendations of a sellers product are not expressed warranties and thus are not bases for enforcement.
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Contracts - ALL V2.0
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