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  1. Reason why WWI began?
    the Balkans had a lot of territory that Russia wanted

    The assignation of the heir of the Austrian empire, Archduke Franz Ferdinand
  2. Purpose of Time Tables?
    efficiently call up your military and reserves and make sure there was no jam of men in one place..detailed plan of where they were supposed to be at each time
  3. The Schlieffen Plan
    developed after the 2 alliances have been formed..it was designed for Germany to win a war that they had to fight France and Russia at the same time.

    Knock off France and try to move back to block off the Russian invasion
  4. Franco-Russian Plan
    France slows the Germans down as much as they can to try to get them off of their timetables..then the Russian army will come in from the back door and try to take over the Germans
  5. Turning Points of WWI
    Verdun- French vs Germany

    Somme- Britain vs Germany

    After these battles, the casualties were so high all 3 sides wanted to end the war but no one would admit it
  6. How did the US enter WWI?
    Lusitania got torpedoed by a German sub in 1915

    Zimmerman Telegram- telegram that gets intercepted that Germany is asking help from Mexico to invade the US
  7. The treaty of Versailles..
    • Germany lost colonies and territories
    • Small German military
    • Germany is forced to sign War Guilt Clause-pay money to the allies for destruction and loss of life
    • President Wilson insisted that you need a League of Nations
  8. Treaty of Locarno
    • Called for Germany, France, and Belgium to never go to war again. To make sure they are not going to fight, they will agree to not have military on their borders.
    • Britain and Italy agreed to take sides if they do go to war again
  9. Isolationism
    US doesn't join the League of Nations, causing it to be very weak and they can't stop WWII
  10. Dalves Plan
    • bailed out Germany's economy in 1920s..restructures Germanys payments and gives them 200 million to pay bills
    • Helps out Germany and US..makes Germany and Western Europe more dependant on the US for natural resources
  11. Autarky
    Raise the tariff on foreign goods so high that people will buy domestic..then it will help your economy expand
  12. Who was Mussolini?
    • Created Fascism
    • Was pro-war and a socialist and nationalism
    • Powerful leader of Italy
    • Anit-communist
    • Violent
    • Made Prime Minister in 1932
  13. Lenin
    ease into communism..new economic plan allows Russian farmers to levy a tax on their crops
  14. Stalin
    • takes over after Lenin
    • scraps the new economic plan and makes a 5 year plan..expands idustrial Russia within 5 years
  15. Commintern
    committee to expand communism throughout the world
  16. Great Purse
    arrest and eliminate any rivals of the USSR
  17. Nazism
    • made up of a lot of old WWI German vets
    • Hitler emerged as the leader, he used violence to make people obey his commands
  18. Von Papen
    his idea was to appoint Hitler as Prime Minister because he wouldn't know what to do, then he will look for advice and help from other council members
  19. 3 goals of Nazis
    • 1. Expansion
    • 2. Rearmanment
    • 3. Exonomic Recovery
  20. Events leading up to WWII
    • Japan invaded Manchuria bc of the their natural resources
    • Germany starts to rearm
    • Italy invades Ethiopia
    • Japan invades China
    • Spanish Civil War
    • Starts Sept 1 1939 when Poland is invaded by Germany
  21. Blitz Kries
    • 1. Uses Air Force to bomb ground targets
    • 2. Sends in Army Artillery
    • 3. Tanks come in
    • 4. Infantry comes in and cleans everything up
  22. battle of Stalingrad
    Germany loses majority of their highly trained soldiers
  23. Pearl Harbor
    • December 7th 1941
    • Japan wanted to cripple the US Pacific fleet
    • Brought the US into WWII
  24. Battle of Midway
    US is able to sink 4 Japan carrier fleets, which was most of their carriers, so they won't be able to launch any defense in the Pacific
  25. Island Hopping
    US will only attack islands that were valuable to Japan..big enough islands that would hold an air field and a harbor
  26. Battle of Iwo Jima
    using island hopping, but the Japs do not give up after a few days..high casualties for US
  27. The Holocaust
    • Began in 1938
    • Crystal Night- first time the Nazi's actually were sent out to attack a population
  28. Yalta Conference
    last time the allies of WWII will sit down and agree on something and work together..talks about how terrortory will be occupied
  29. Iron Curtain
    • Soviets were being really secretive and makes everyone nervous by not holding up their end of the bargain
    • Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Poland quickly change their governments and become pro-communist
  30. the Long Telegram
    tell Truman that the Soviets are setting up a communist government, but all you gotta do to stop communism is contain it and not let it spread
  31. Truman Doctrine
    any country refusing the takeover of communism, then the US will become an ally and come to aid of their country
  32. The Marshall Plan
    Extends aid to countries where communism might spread...any country that received damage during WWII will be entitled to US aid..this helps contain communism
  33. Berlin Airlift
    • because the Soviets shut down all access to West Berlin for the US..so the US would fly in support and care packages
    • leads to NATO..if one country is attacked then all countries are attacked
  34. Warsaw Act
    Soviet Union signed it with their allies and if you attacked one then you attacked them all
  35. Mutually Assured Desturction (MAD)
    is US tried to attack Soviets, then the Soviets will see it coming and send an attack back
  36. Cuban Missile Crisis 1962
    • Soviets start building missile sites in Cuba, and US demands them to stop building them..so they blockade Cuba for 10 days.
    • After this missile sites were taken out of Cuba and Turkey
  37. End of the Cold War
    in the 70s- Detente= stop trying to kill each other, make militarys equal stength..agreed to not take he other sides territory

    1980- Reagn elected..military starts to expand which improves the economy
  38. Gorbacheu
    • Soviets new leader after cold war..announces Glasnost in Soviet Union- greater freedom of creativity and expression
    • Perestroika- limit very many free market practices..helps out the soviet economy

    People in communist countries started wanted more freedom, which would cause communism to fall apart
  39. Single European Act
    lead to the European Union
  40. Economic System before 1815
    • The French Revolution- France kept spending alot of money but not getting money from taxes. They lost the French and Indian war, which caused them to lose alot of colonies and money
    • Assembly of Notables- was made to brainstorm some ideas on how to fix the debt
    • The Directory- committee of leaders that monitored the government in 1795, mandates a draft for the military..so now the French economy was drive to equipping the army
  41. Economic System after 1815
    • Germany after WWI- Germany came out of the war very weak and poor.
    • Treaty of Versailles- Germany lost colonies and territories, Shrunk their military, War Guilt Clause- pay money to the allies for destruction and loss of life
    • Dalves Plan- bailed out Germany's economy in the 1920, restructures Germanys payment of War Guilt Clause, also gave Germany 200 million to pay bills
  42. Political System before 1815
    • French Absolutism- Where Louis the 14th had Divine Right of Kings..where he persuades his people he has power from God
    • Office of Intendants- assigned to go make sure everyone was obeying the Kings rules and tax collection is done efficeintly
    • Because of the absolutism, no one really has a say so how the government is going to be ran
  43. Political System after 1815
    • The Iron Curtain- the soviets began to turn into a communist government and also started turning countries around them (Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Poland) into communist as well
    • They had committern- a committee to help spread the communism to surround areas
    • Communism in Russia would last up til the 1991, when the people in the communist countries started to want more freedom than the government would allow them
  44. Foreign Policy before 1815
    • Triangular Trade- Took guns to Africa, got gold or slaves, took slaves to America, and then gets tobacco in exchange.
    • Countries start to rely heavily on their colonies to help produce raw materials
  45. Foreign Policy after 1815
    • Many countries rely on America and other colonies to help produce weapons and have alliance during WWI and WWII
    • But after America is attacked they take alliance with Britain and send help to help fight in the wars
    • America would supply finicial aid to alot of countries too
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