Religion Vocab Unit 6

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  1. embryo
    The unborn child from the time it implants in the uterine wall through the eighth week of its development
  2. fetus
    The unborn child from the end of the eighth week after conception to the moment of birth
  3. procreation
    Conceiving and bearing children
  4. stewards
    People who are put in charge of managing, caring for, and protecting something, such as money or personal property
  5. wisdom
    It "gently draws the human mind to look for and to love what is true and good" (The Church in the Modern World, 15)
  6. euthanasia
    Deliberately doing something to or not doing something to help someone die
  7. Our Father
    Lord's Prayer
  8. 7th commandment
    Don't steal, take care of the world, don't waste natural resources because that is stealing from the future generations' resources
  9. humility
    Seeing ourselves as we really are: beloved children of God who are in constant need of divine grace as we journey toward the ultimate perfection of God's Reign
  10. free will
    Allows us to love others
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