Recitation - Milton

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  1. Line 139
    "At least our envious foe hath failed, who thought
  2. Line 140
    All like himself rebellious, by whose aid
  3. Line 141
    This inaccessible high strength, the seat
  4. Line 142
    Of Deity supreme, us dispossessed,
  5. Line 143
    He trusted to have seized, and into fraud
  6. Line 144
    Drew many, whom their place know here no more;
  7. Line 145
    Yet far the greater part have kept, I see,
  8. Line 146
    Their station, Heav'n yet populous retains
  9. Line 147
    Number sufficient to possess her realms
  10. Line 148
    Though wide, and this high temple to frequent
  11. Line 149
    With ministeries due and solemn rites:
  12. Line 150
    But lest his heart exalt him in the harm
  13. Line 151
    Already done, to have dispeopled Heav'n,
  14. Line 152
    My damage fondly deemed, I can repair
  15. Line 153
    That detriment, if such it be to lose
  16. Line 154
    Self-lost, and in a moment will create
  17. Line 155
    Another world, out of one man a race
  18. Line 156
    Of men innumerable, there to dwell,
  19. Line 157
    Not here, till by degrees of merit raised
  20. Line 158
    They open to themselves at length the way
  21. Line 159
    Up hither, under long obedience tried,
  22. Line 160
    And Earth be chang'd to Heav'n, and Heav'n to Earth,
  23. Line 161
    One kingdom, joy and union without end.
  24. Line 162
    Meanwhile inhabit lax, ye powers of Heav'n
  25. Line 163
    And thou my Word, begotten Son, by thee
  26. Line 164
    This I perform, speak thou, and be it done:
  27. Line 165
    My overshadowing Spirit and might with thee
  28. Line 166
    I send along, ride forth, and bid the deep
  29. Line 167
    Within appointed bounds be heav'n and earth;
  30. Line 168
    Boundless the deep, because I am who fill
  31. Line 169
    Infinitude, nor vacuous the space.
  32. Line 170
    Though I uncircumscribed myself retire,
  33. Line 171
    And put not forth my goodness, which is free
  34. Line 172
    To act or not, necessity and chance
  35. Line 173
    Approach not me, and what I will is fate.'
  36. Line 174
    "So spake th' Almighty, and to what he spake
  37. Line 175
    His Word, the filial Godhead, gave effect.
  38. Line 176
    Immediate are the acts of God, more swift
  39. Line 177
    Than time or motion, but to human ears
  40. Line 178
    Cannot without process of speech be told,
  41. Line 179
    So told as earthly notion can recieve.
  42. Line 180
    Great triumph and rejoicing was in Heav'n
  43. Line 181
    When such was heard declared th' Almighty's will;
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