American History

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  1. FDR/New Deal
    Franklin Delenore Roosevelt

    New Deal was his ideals on how to get the U.S out of the Depression
  2. Court Packing Plan
    FDR used this to place his supports in the SUpreme Court to get his New Deal plans approved.
  3. 21st Amendment
    Repealed the 18th Amendment
  4. New Deal Agencies and Programs:
    Civilian Conservation Corps: Build governement highways and railroad stations
  5. New Deal Agencies and Programs:
    Tennessee Valley Authority: in hcarage of electricity to Northern Alabama, Social Security was set up to benefit senior citizens.
  6. New Deal Agencies and Programs:
    Works Program Administration: GAve jobs to those who needed it
  7. New Deal Agencies and Programs:
    insures taht money is in the banks
  8. New Deal Agencies and Programs:
    Agricultural Adjustment Act: Set up subsidies to pay farmers to ruin crops
  9. Subsidies
    Payment to farmers to plow under crops and kill wild stock
  10. Scottsboro 9& Norris v. Alabama
    Lead to African Americans being allowed to serve on juries
  11. France and Great Britian and their debt from WWI
    Was not able to pay debt because Germant was unable to pay them reparations
  12. Lessons not learned:
    Hitler in Russia
    Hitler signs agreement with Russia to not invade but does in the long run.
  13. Lessons not learned:
    France-Maginot Line and border with Belgium
    MAginot Line in WWI but France did not build it up before WWII so Germany invaded the same way.
  14. Kellogg-Braind Pact
    outlawed war EXCEPT in cases of self-defense. Leads to WWII.
  15. Start of WWI in the Pacific
    Start of WWII in the Pacific started when Japan invades China (1932) the U.S gets involved when Japana bombs Pearl Harbor.
  16. Mussolini and Fascists in Italy
    Mussolini took over as dictator and his Fascist party overwhelmed the Italitan people and ran the country
  17. Lebenrasaum, Volk and Volkswagon
    Hitler created Volkswagen to have German tourists go to France and scout out where tanks would be able to travel
  18. Hitler, Nazi, brown shirts
    Hitler was the dictator of German. Followers called Nazi. Brown shirts were Hitler's thugs who would take care of any person who disgreed with Hitler.
  19. Stalin-USSR
    Stalin was the ruler of Russia. USSR was Communist Russia
  20. Allied Powers
    • U.S
    • France
    • Great Britian
    • USSR
  21. Axis Powers
    • Germany
    • Italy
    • Japan
  22. Strat of War in Europe
    War starte in Europe when Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939
  23. Cash and Carry v. Leand/Lease
    • Cash and Caryy was set up to avoid another debt. Anyone who wanted to buy from us would have to pay upfront and come and carry it away on their own ships.
    • Lend/Lease was later in war to where we would lend/lease one of our ships to help carry supplies to an Allie
  24. Blitzkrieg
    Lightening war (used by Germay when they used quick attacks)
  25. Pearl Harbor
    U.S naval base in Hawaii thata Japan bombed on Decemeber 7, 1941. Lead to U.S getting involved in WWII
  26. Nations with a two-front war
    U.s, Japan, and Germany fought two-front war
  27. Leyte Gulf
    Battle of Leyte Gulf was the largest naval battle. Battle took place in the Philippines
  28. Women's war work-Rosie the Riveter
    with all men at war the women of the country were needed to take over for the men in the work plave to be able to send supplies to troops overseas. Rosie the Riveter was created to inspire women to go to work.
  29. Rationing
    Used so that more supplies could be sent to troops in Europe
  30. Tuskegee Airmen
    Most famous all black military group
  31. Native American-Code
    Navajo language was used as U.S code in war because no one could break it
  32. Interment Camps
    Place where 100,000 Japanese citizens were taken from west coast to prevent spies were sent. Was only done to Japanese citizens.
  33. D-Day
    • June 6, 1944
    • U.S stormed the beaches of Normandy to get involved in the war in Europe
  34. Battle of the Bulge
    Took place in Germany. U.S troops, led by McAuliffe, pushed into Germany ahead of theri supplies so Germans tried to cut off the supplies completely. Did not work in long run.
  35. Meetings at Yalta and Tehran-creation of the UN
    Meeting at Yalta and Tehran was used to end war by treaty. The UN was created to try and avoid another World War.
  36. Division of Germany and Berlin
    France, Great Britian, USSR, and America divided Germany to try and separate German powers.
  37. Holocaust
    killed around six million "unsure" people. Mainly concentrated on Jews. Any person involved in Holocasut was sent to concentration camps to be worked to death or immedietely killed.
  38. Battle of Okinawa
    Necessary for the invasion of Japan 300,000 soliders were lost.
  39. Manhattan Project; Hiroshima and Nagasaki
    • Manhattan Project was the creation of the atomic bomb.
    • Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the two msot populated Japanese cities who had an atomic bomb dropped on to send message to Japanese leaders.
  40. V-E Day
    Victory in Europe- May 8, 1945
  41. V-J Day
    Victory in Japan- August 14, 1945
  42. GI Bill
    kept WWI veterans from being homelss when they came back to the States.
  43. Baby Boom
    (1945-1960) population went from 120-160 million
  44. First Subdivison
  45. Appeasement
    Diplomatic policy aimed at avoiding war by making concessions to an aggressor.
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