Digestive System 2

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  1. How much time do nutrients spend in the small intestine?
    12 hours
  2. How does the small intestine receive it's blood supply?
    through the branches of the superior mesenteric artery
  3. Where does the duodenum become continuous with the jejunum?
    duodenojejunal flexure
  4. How does bile enter the duodenum?
    through the major duodenal papilla
  5. What is the primary region within the small intestine for chemical digestion and nutrient absorption?
  6. Where does the ileum end?
    at the ileocecal valve
  7. What are the circular folds within the small intestines called?
    plicae circulares
  8. What helps protest the duodenum from the acidic chyme?
    submucosal or Brunner glands
  9. How much material is passed from the small to large intestines each day?
    1 liter
  10. What is the first region of the large intestine? also called a blind sac?
  11. What is the wormlike projection of the large intestine called?
    vermiform appendix: reservoir for normal flora bacteria
  12. What is the pathway of the large intestine?
    • ascending colon
    • hepatic flexure
    • transverse colon
    • left colic flexure
    • descending colon
    • sigmoid colon
    • rectum
  13. What is it called when small sacs or pouches appear due to pressure in the sigmoid colon?
  14. What allows gas to pass out of the rectum and not feces?
    rectal valves
  15. What lubricates the anal canal during defecation?
    anal sinuses
  16. What do teniae coli do?
    bunch up the large intestine into haustra, which have lobules of fat called epiploic appendages
  17. What are the structural and functional units of the liver?
    hepatic lobules, inside of them are hepatocytes
  18. What is found at the periphery of each hepatic lobule?
    portal triads: hepatic portal vein, artery, duct
  19. What conducts the bile from the hepatocytes to the hepatic duct?
    bile canaliculus
  20. What produces bile?
  21. What connects the gallbladder to the common bile duct?
    cystic duct
  22. Why is the pancreas referred to as a mixed gland?
    because it exhibits both endocrine and exocrine functions
  23. What is the network of thin ducts that carries bile from the liver and gallbladder to the duodenum?
    biliary apparatus
  24. What is the place where the common bile duct and the main pancreatic duct merge at the duodenal wall?
    hepatopancreatic ampulla
  25. What controls what's released into the duodenum from the hepatopancreatic ampulla?
    sphincter of Oddi
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