AR's TM's FM's

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  1. What is the DA PAM for Maintenance Management Procedures?
    DA PAM 750-8
  2. What is the FM that covers the M16/M4 Rifle Marksmanship?
    FM 3-22.9
  3. What FM covers Guard Duty?
    FM 22-6
  4. What regulation covers Customs and Courtesies?
    AR 600-25
  5. What Army programs are listed under Soldier Support Activities?
    Army Sponsorship Program (AR 600-8-8)

    Army Command Policy (AR 600-20)

    Army Emergency Relief (AR 930-4)
  6. What TC covers Army Physical Readiness Training?
    TC 3-22.20
  7. What FM covers First Aid?
    FM 4-25.11

    STP 21-1 SMCT Evaluate a Casualty
  8. What FM covers the Wear and Appearance of the Uniform?
    AR 670-1 (Wear and Appearance of the Uniform)

    AR 600-8-22 (Military Awards)
  9. What FM covers Drill and Ceremony?
    FM 3-21.5
  10. What FM covers Army Leadership?
    FM 6-22 Army Leadership (Competent, Confident, Agile)
  11. What regulation covers PMCS? (Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services)
    AR 750-1 Army Material Maintenance Policy
  12. What FM's Cover CBRN? (Chemical Biological Radiological, Nuclear)
    FM 3-11

    FM 3-11.4

    FM 3-5

    FM 3-7
  13. What FM covers Train the Force?
    FM 7-0
  14. What regulation covers Military Justice?
    AR 27-10
  15. What regulation covers Equal Opportunity? (EO)
    AR 600-20 Chapter 6
  16. What regulation covers the Army Retention Program?
    AR 601-280
  17. What regulation covers Army Programs?
    AR 600-20
  18. What DA CIR covers the Army BOSS Program?
    DA CIR 608-01-1
  19. What regulation covers Safety?
    AR 385-10
  20. What FM covers NCO Guide?
    FM 7-22.7
  21. What regulation covers the NCOER?
    AR 623-3
  22. What regulation covers Flags, Bars, Salutes, Honors, and Visits of Courtesy?
    AR 600-25
  23. What regulation covers Chain of Command and Promotions?
    AR 600-8-19
  24. What FM covers Counseling?
    FM 6-22
  25. What FM covers Map Reading?
    FM 3-25.26
  26. What regulation covers NCOES (Non-Commissioned Officer Education System)
    AR 350-1
  27. What regulation covers Military Awards?
    AR 60-8-22

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AR's TM's FM's
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Army Study Guide AR FM TM

For soldiers studying for the board who need to know where to find the answer for most questions.
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