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  1. force 10 club
    stroud green club- next to bowling club i thinks?
  2. the institute of arts centre
    beaumont close- off the bishops avenue
  3. worlds end pub n4
    stroud green road- sdol northbound just above lennox road
  4. 12 pins pub
    stroud green road
  5. victoria stakes pub
    park road - use farrer road to t/a
  6. dunns bakery
    crouch end broadway- on corner of crouch hill. lol/sdol only...can f crouch end hill
  7. socialite bar
    muswell hill - sdol heading down
  8. hornsey fire station
    park avenue south - off priory road
  9. roseview hotel
    queens avenue- sdor in from crouch end broadway (next to raglan hall hotel)
  10. clissold arms pub
    fortis green- next to police station
  11. village bar
    muswell hill - sdol up on the cusp of the roundabout
  12. bald faced stag pub
    high road east finchley - use fairlawn avenue as a t/a
  13. finchley youth centre
    high road east finchley- from fortis green use fairlawn ave to r high rd finchely and sdor
  14. norris lea
    winnington road/ lyttelton road -note nrt out norris lea into lylleton road- use winnington road
  15. henrietta barnet school
    central sq- use northway from lyttelton road
  16. st jude on hill church
    south square
  17. king alfred school
    north end road -just above hamstead way sdor up
  18. lucas square
    hamstead way- sdor up above meadway
  19. wild hatch
    south off meadway gate
  20. temple fortune lane
    north of meadway gate
  21. ye olde bull n bush pub
    north end way- sdor up from roundabout
  22. inverforth house
    north end way -sdol up from roundabout
  23. le cellier restaurant
    church row
  24. royal school hampstead (for officers and daughters)
    vane close -off greenhill/ hampstead high street/ prince arthur road
  25. air studios
    lyndhurst road
  26. alice house
    west end lane -sdol north bound on the corner of inglewood road
  27. sheriff road
    netherwood street/ west end lane
  28. kings gardens
    west end lane - just above quex road, sdol up
  29. salt house pub
    abbey road- sdol northbound just before boundary road
  30. gaylord restaurant
    mortimer street -lor only
  31. new camden chapel
    plender street- sdor in from canden high street
  32. efes restaurant
    great titchfield street- in only via mortimer street, l gt titchfield street, sdor
  33. sergios restaurant
    great titchfield street- in only via mortimer street, l gt titchfield street, sdor just before foley st
  34. fitzrovia hotel
    bolsover street
  35. jusction bar
    st pauls road/ corsica road
  36. alwynne castle pub
    st pauls road- bang opposite highbury grove
  37. coconut grove restaurant
    highbury grove- lol only, sdol only
  38. international students house
    great portland street
  39. 229 the venue club
    great portland street (part of international students house)
  40. hampton court
    swan yard/ highbury corner
  41. islington ambulance station
    brewery road - opposite london taxi co
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