Chem lab 1150

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  1. Go time
  2. Percent of water in sample
    • mass of water lost/mass of sample
    • x 100
  3. Balanced equation for Na2CO3*10 H2O to drive off water of hydration
    Na2CO3*10 H2O---->Na2CO3+10 H2O
  4. crucible tongs
    prevent mass inaccuaces caused by oil and moisture from skin
  5. A hot crucible will give a mass reading that is
    less than the actual weight due to currents that make the crucible more bouyant
  6. Desiccator
    air tight container with drying agent at the bottom, keeps low humidity, prevent sample from collection moisture as it cools
  7. heat cool and weigh sample twice to
    ensure all of the water of hydration has been completely driven off
  8. Percent loss or gain of Cu
    (|initial mass Cu - mass recovered Cu|/initial mass Cu) x 100
  9. Decantation
    seperation of mixtures
  10. Why might the fine copper be black
    the particles can react with oxygen better
  11. clear vs colorless
    apple juice vs water
  12. C A S H n Gia
    • C is clorates, A is acetates, S is sulfates, H is halogens, n is Nitrates, and Gia is Group I A metals. (And NH4+) ---> THESE ARE ALL SOLUBLE,
    • XCEPT

    • for S: Ca, Ba, Sr.....just remember the tv network CBS
    • for H: Ca, Ba, Sr + Happy...whats happy? Hb Ag Pb ...mercury, silvr and
    • lead...add a py to the end and all the first letters spell HAPPY
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