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  1. TP
    1.LTT, microhematocrit tube, spin 5 min 6,000 RPM, Tube (top -plasma, buffy coat, RBC)
  2. TP Range
    • Dog- 5.0-7.0 g/dl (round to even 10ths)
    • Cat- 5-8 g/dl
  3. USG
    • Dog- 1.025
    • Cat- 1.045
  4. Plasma
    Anticoagulant whole blood
  5. Buffy
    White blood cells and plates
  6. Refractometer
    calibrate with distilled h2o,gravity of distilled water is 1.000.
  7. PVC
    Percentquantity of blood that is made up of RBC.
  8. PCV Ranges
    Dog—37-55% avg 45 round to whole percent

    Cat—30-45% avg 35
  9. Hematocrit card
    bottom of red cells areplaced at 0% and plasma is placed at 100%
  10. Plasma colors:
    • Red= Hemolytic= shaking, too much neg back
    • pressure, hemolysis

    • Yellow=icteric= biliary stasis, hemolysis,
    • carotenes (herbivores) extravascular hemolysis

    • White=lipemic= post prandial sample,
    • hypothyroid, DM
  11. How to Read a PCV
    top of RBC Colum, avoid the buffy coat.
  12. Magnification to view Buffy Coat for microfilaria
  13. WBC counts
    • Dogs and Cats (Neut- 55-85% lymphs 15-45%
    • Monos/Eos 0-5% Baso rare)

    Horse- Neut /Lymphs 50/50%

    Cow- Lymphs 55-85% Neut 15-45%
  14. blood flow through the heart
    • Anterior Vena Cava
    • Right Atrium
    • Tricuspid valve
    • Right Ventricle
    • pulmonary valve
    • pulmonary Artery
    • LUNGS
    • Pulmonary Vein
    • Left Atrium
    • Bicuspid valve
    • left ventricle
    • Aortic Valve
    • Aorta
  15. cat and dog normal temp
    101.5 +/- 1
  16. How does the ELISA Heartworm test work
    ELISA heartworm detects antigens in DOGS, antibodies in CAT
  17. WBC NMB, WBC count
    • Dog -6,000-17,000 u (round to whole cell)
    • Cat-5,500- 19,500 u
  18. Gestation periods
    • 1. Dog- 63 days
    • Cat 59-67 days
  19. Slings
    • 1.Velpeau-font leg
    • Ehmer- Hind leg
    • Stirrups—holds up secondary layer of bandage
  20. Dog dental formula
    2(I 3/3, C1/1, P 4/4, M 2/3)= 42 Teeth
  21. Cat Dental Formula
    CAT- 2(I 3/3, C 1/1, P 3/2, M 1/1)= 30 Teeth
  22. Sterilization tape
    • 1. Tan/
    • White->Black --Steam only
    • indicates exposure to heat; doesn’t indicate serialization 30 days

    Green/Yellow->Red Gas Ethylene Oxide/ Anprolene 90 days
  23. Suture Sizes
    • 1. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, 1-0, 2-0, 3-0, 4-0, 5-
    • Larger<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>Smaller
  24. Absorbable sutures
    Surgical Gut, Polyglactin 910 (Vicryl), Polyglycolic Acid (Dexon) Polydioxanone (PDS)Polyglyconate (Maxon)
  25. Non-absorable sutres
    Silk, Nylon, Polyprolene (Prolene/ Surgilene) Polyester Fiber (Ethicon), Steel
  26. sutre removal must be done within?
    7-10 days
  27. Enucleation
    sx removal of the eyeball
  28. Lymph Nodes sites
    • axillary,
    • inguinal, prescapular, popliteal, submandibular
  29. Idiopathic
    unknown origin
  30. Mydraisis-
    constriction the the pupils
  31. Cystotomy
    sx incision into bladder
  32. Fecal cytology
    • thin smear, 100x with oil, ID clostridium perfringes (safety pins) and campylobacter
    • (seagulls)
  33. Fecal Float
    • pea sized amount, examine on 10x/ID on 40x,ID parasite ova, coccidian and possibly
    • giardia. Sit for 10 mins
  34. Direct exam/fecal wet mount
    , fleck, 40x, ID parasite ova, ID giardia cysts andcampylobacter, may see coccidian and ova. 5 min
  35. FIV
    • Feline
    • immunodeficiency virus (adenovirus)
  36. DIC
    Disseminated Intravascular Coagulopathy
  37. Heartworm
    Dirofilaria immitus
  38. what must you do to a t-port before attaching it to and IVC
    flush it with heparinized flush
  39. how can you ID a heparin flush syringe
    they are labled
  40. how many drapes are in a sx pack? How many linens are used to wrap it?
    • 6 quarter drapes
    • 2 linens
  41. how many gauze sponges are in a sx pk? why may some have a blue strip?
    10, make it radio opaque
  42. generic and brand name of gas sterilaztion
    • ethylene oxide
    • anprolene
  43. what 6 tests are included ina PA profile
    BUN, GLU, ALP. T-pro, ALT, Cre
  44. what does FeLV stand for?
    feline leukemia virus
  45. what does soap stand for?
    • subjective
    • objective
    • assesment
    • plan
  46. normal crt?
    <2 sec
  47. What anticoagulant is in a Purp top tube
  48. Green top tube?
  49. what tube would you use to run a CBC
    Purp. top
  50. tube used if a leb test requires serum
    Red top
  51. what color are heprinized crit tubes?
    Red Ring
  52. lab abbreviation meaning the same thing as HCT
  53. formula for a Corrected WBC
    Image Upload
  54. reticulocytes on a blood film stained with wrights stain or diff-quik
  55. order and time of a gram stain
    • crytal violet-1min
    • grams iodine-1min
    • decolorizer-until clear or 3-5sec
    • safranin-1min
  56. Gram postive bacteria color?
  57. fram negative bacteria color
  58. what causes psittacosis? common name?
    Clamydophila, parrot fever
  59. Vector that transmits the plague?
  60. what does Coggins test diagonose
    EIA-Equine infectious anemia
  61. what causes infectious tracheobronchitis or kennel cough? what is it?
    Bordetella, GNROD
  62. where is the gastrocnemius?
  63. what do tendons connect?
    muscle to bone
  64. what do ligaments connect?
    Bone to Bone
  65. what is macconkeys agar used for
    selecting the gowth of GNRODS and differentiates between lactose fermenters and non-lactose fermentors
  66. 6 way caninie vaccine contains?
    distemper, adenovirus-2, leptospirosis, parainfulenza, parvo virus, corona virus
  67. what age are puppies vaccinated
    6-8wks, 10-12wks, and 16 wks
  68. locations where shots are given
    • canine vaccine-right scapula
    • Rabies-Right hip
  69. 4way feline vaccine
    feline viral rhinotracheitis, panleukopenia, calici virus, chlamydophilia
  70. location of the FeLV vaccination
    lift hind leg
  71. CRF
    chronic renal failure
  72. PRN
    as needed
  73. IVDD
    intervertebral Disc disease
  74. AIHA
    auto immune hemolytic anemia
  75. ACL
    Anterior cruciate ligament
  76. THR
    total hip replacement
  77. PCV
    Packed cell volume
  78. OD
    right eye
  79. AS
    left ear
  80. CHF
    congestive heart failure
  81. MCT
    mast cell tumor
  82. IMHA
    immune mediated hemolytic anemia
  83. TPLO
    tibial plateu leveling osteotomy
  84. GDV
    Gastric dilitation volvulus
  85. PVC
    Premature Ventricular Contraction
  86. PU
    perineal urethrostomy
  87. Hypercapnia
    increased carbon dioxide in blood
  88. nystagmus
    involuntary eye movement
  89. anisocoria
    unequal pupils
  90. laparotomy
    inscision into the abdomen
  91. orchiectomy
    removal of testicals
  92. onychectomy
  93. cyanosis
    blue skin/mm from low O2
  94. ataxia
    lack of muscle coordination
  95. gastropexy
    suturing stomach to abdominal wall
  96. pyometra
    pus in the uterus
  97. pruritis
  98. encephalomyelitis
    inflammation of the brain and spinal cord
  99. trichuris vulpis
    whip worm
  100. anyclostoma caninum
    dog hookworm
  101. toxocara canis
  102. dirofilaria immitus
  103. dipylidium caninum
    cucumber seed tapeworm
  104. paragonimus kellicoti
    lung fluke
  105. isospera/Eimeria
  106. strongylus vulgaris
    Equine bloodworm
  107. oxyuris equi
    horse pinworm
  108. fasciola hepatica
    liver fluke
  109. Rhipicephalus Senuineus
    Brown dog tick
  110. Cuerebra
    rabbit tick
  111. Malocclusion
    abnormal alighnment of teeh or jaws, incorrect bite
  112. in the dog which tooth is the upper carnasial tooth? how many roots does it have?
    4th premolar, 3 roots
  113. what age are most permant teeth in?
  114. what age do pups and kits eyes open?
  115. what is VLM and what is it caused by?
    Visceral larval migrans, toxocara canis, cati, vitulorum, toxascaris leonina, ascaris suum
  116. What is CLM and what is it caused by?
    Cutaneous larval migrans anyclystoma cainum, braziliense , uncinaria stenocephala, Bunostomum Sp.
  117. what is the genus and species of the most common cause of ringworm in dogs and what kind of organism it is
    Microsprum canis, Mold
  118. light source used as an initial screen for dermatophytosis
    woods lamp
  119. common names of the 3 most distal joints in an equine front leg
    • 1 Fetlock
    • 2 Pastern
    • 3Coffin
  120. common name of the distal phalynx in a horse
    coffin bone
  121. order of bandage material from inner to outer
    • primary dressing
    • cotton/cast padding
    • kling gauze
    • vetwrap
  122. what is causes otitis in dogs
  123. intermediate host for taenia
  124. which tick is the vector that transmits lyme dz
  125. what is demodex and how do you dx it?
    burrowing mite, deep skin scrape
  126. genus name of the common ear mite
  127. what family of virus are FeLV and FIV in?
  128. FIP vairus family?
  129. Feline panleukpenia family?
  130. FLUTD
    Feline lower urinary tract dz
  131. Dyspnea
    difficulty breathing
  132. hyperkalemia
    high potassium in blood
  133. hyponatremia
    low sodium in blood
  134. anastomosis
    connection of normally separate parts sxically
  135. intussusception
    telescoping of organs
  136. entropion
    eyelid rolled inward
  137. Strangles
    streptococcus equi
  138. Circling dz
    listeria monocytogenes
  139. Lyme Disease
    Borrelia burgdorgeri
  140. tropical canine pancytopenia
    ehrlichia canis
  141. tuberculosis
    mycobacterium Sp
  142. plague
    yersinia pestis
  143. RMSF/tick fever
    Rickettsia Rickettsii
  144. CSD(cat scratch dz)
    bartonella henselae
  145. diff quik stain
    • fixative 5, 1sec dips
    • eosinophilic stain 5, 1sec dips
    • basophilic stain 7-10, 1 sec dips
    • rinse w/ water
  146. wrights stain
    • wrights stain 1-3min
    • buffer w/ 1 pipette of wrigths stain, 1 min
    • distilled water 7-10, 1 sec dips
  147. term of abnormally shaped rbcs
  148. small rbcs with no central pallor
  149. another name for nRbcs
  150. Rbcs with long irrecgular projections
  151. rbc fragments
  152. what is unique about avian RBC
    nucleated rbcs are mature and oval
  153. which avian wbc is the same as a seg?
  154. which lab animal requires supplmentary Vit. C
    guinea pigs and non-human primates
  155. what does MRSA stand for
    Methiallin-resistant Staph aureus
  156. scrub nurse duties
    • draping the pt
    • load scapel handle
    • begin draping mayo stand
  157. Circulator duties
    • tie in surgeons back
    • scrub pt
    • counting used sponges
  158. in order the items used to drape a pt for sx
    • quarter drapes
    • towel clamps
    • patient drape
    • standard sx scissors
  159. why must you wean a pt off of prednisolone
    could cause adverese reaction, addisons dz so adreanal gland not producing hydrocortisone
  160. iatrogenic
    illness caused by tx
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