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  1. Subregions of Hawke's Bay
    • Northern Coastal Hawke's Bay: Esk Valley
    • Northwest of Taradale: Dartmoor Valley, Moteo
    • Hastings Area: Gimblett Gravels, Havelock North
    • The Triangle (formerly Ngatarawa Triangle)
    • Southern Coastal Hawke's Bay: Te Awanga
    • Inland Hawke's Bay: Mangatahi, Crownthorpe
    • Central Hawke's Bay: Waipukurau, Takapau
  2. Major Grapes and Wine Styles of Hawke's Bay
    • White: Chardonnay (24.3%), Sauvignon Blanc (17.4%), Pinot Gris (6.3%)
    • Red: Merlot (21.3%), Cabernet Sauvignon (8.1%), Pinot Noir (7.7%), Syrah (4%), Malbec (2.2%)
  3. Major Natural Features of Hawke's Bay
    Heretaunga Plains, Hawke Bay, Ngaruroro River, Tukituki River
  4. Major Producers of Hawke's Bay
    Bridge Pa, Craggy Range, Esk Valley Estate, Ngatarawa, Sacred Hill, Sileni, Te Mata, Trinity Hill
  5. Requirements to use Gimblett Gravels on a label
    • Be a member of the Association
    • Harvest grapes from a vineyard with 95% of the appellation's defined soil characteristics
    • Source 95% of the grapes from within the appellation
    • Any producer using the "Gimblett Gravels" logo is subject to audit
  6. Subregions of Wairarapa
    • Martinborough,
    • Masterton,
    • East Taratahi (Dakins Road),
    • Wairarapa Valley,
    • Te Muna Road,
    • Gladstone
  7. Major Grapes and Wine Styles of Wairarapa
    • White: Sauvignon Blanc (23.2%), Chardonnay (8.3%), Pinot Gris (5.4%), Riesling (3.8%)
    • Red: Pinot Noir (53.6%), Cabernet Sauvignon (1.6%)
  8. Soil Types of Wairarapa
    Martinborough's prized soils are shallow silt loams with gravelly sub-soils
  9. Major Natural Features of Wairarapa
    Aorangi and Tararua Ranges, Ruamahanga River
  10. Major Producers of Wairarapa
    Ata Rangi, Dry River, Palliser Estate, Voss Estate
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