ap chpt 16

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  1. The structure of a lymphatic vessel is the most similar to that of a(n)
  2. the two collecting ducts that drain the lymphatic trunks are the
    thoracic duct and right lymphatic duct
  3. The formation of lymph increases as a result of
    increasing hydrostatic pressure of tissue fluid
  4. The region of a lymph node through which blood vessels pass is called a
  5. The lymph nodes of the axillary region receive lymph mainly from the
    arm and mammary gland
  6. The spleen
    is the largest lymphatic organ
  7. which of the following is an example of a specific body defense mechansim
    all of these are correct
  8. Interferon is a group of hormone like peptides produced by cells in response to the presence of
  9. If lymphatic tissue is removed from an axillary region, the arm on that side is likely to
    become edematous
  10. The most active phagocytic cells found in circulating blood are
    neutrophils and monocytes
  11. the cells that are primarily responsible for immunity are
    lymphocytes and macrophages
  12. T-lymphocytes are responsible for
    cell-mediated immunity
  13. The most abdundant type immunoglobulin is
  14. The functions of the lymphatic system do not include
    transporting hormones to intestinal smooth muscle
  15. The type of resistance that is acquired as a result of developing disease is
    naturally acquired active immunity
  16. The antibodies involved in allergic reactions
    are called allergens, are secreted by mast cells, belong to the immunoglobulin E group
  17. Lymph differs from plasma in that
    plasma contains more protein than lymph
  18. Lymph nodes occur in groups throughout the body except in the
    central nervous system
  19. The spleen is much like a lymph node except that spleen
    filters blood
  20. Following a primary immune response the cells that give rise to memory cells are
    B cells only
  21. Injections of gamma globulin are sometimes given to provide
    artifically acquired passive immunity
  22. The supratrochlear lymph nodes are located near the
  23. The cells called cytotoxic t-cells destroy
    cancer and virus-containing cells
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