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  1. Subregions of Nelson
    • Waimea Plains,
    • Upper Moutere,
    • Motueka,
    • Takaka/Golden Bay
  2. Major Grapes and Wine Styles of Nelson
    • White: Sauvignon Blanc (39%), Chardonnay (15.2%), Pinot Gris (8.1%), Riesling (7%), Gewürztraminer (3.4%)
    • Red: Pinot Noir (23.1%)
  3. Soil types in Nelson
    gravelly silt loams in the Waimea Plains, clay-based soils in Upper Moutere
  4. Major Natural Features of Nelson
    Tasman Mountains, Richmond Range, Waimea River, Golden Bay
  5. Major Producers in Nelson
    Greenhough, Seifried Estate, Neudorf
  6. Subregions of Malrborough
    • Wairau Valley,
    • Awatere Valley,
    • Southern Valleys (Brancott, Omaka, Waihopai)
  7. Major Grapes and Wine Styles of Marlborough
    • White: Sauvignon Blanc (69.9%), Chardonnay (7.7%), Pinot Gris (3.2%), Riesling (2.9%)
    • Red: Pinot Noir (13.8%)
  8. Soil Types in Marlborough
    variable shallow, stony soils and deep sandy loams, clay-based soils on hillside sites
  9. Major Natural Features of Marlborough
    Richmond Range (divides Marlborough and Nelson), Wairau River, Awatere River, Kaikoura Ranges
  10. Major Producers of Marlborough
    Allan Scott, Cloudy Bay, Fromm, Hunter's, Saint Clair, Spy Valley
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