Postpartum and Postpartum Complications

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  1. The rationale for the use of a sitz bath for an episiotomy
    Increase healing by increasing blood flow to area
  2. Nursing intervention to restore good uterine tone;
    Priority nursing intervention for postpartum hemorrhage;
    Priority nursing intervention for a client with a boggy uterus
    • Massage Fundus;
    • (firmly)
  3. A full bladder may cause this to occur
    • Increase bleeding
    • Displaces uterus
  4. Type of lochia that is thin and pink
  5. This needs to be given within 72 hours after birth to prevent Rh isoimmunization
  6. defined as the loss of 500 mL or more blood after vaginal birth
    Postpartum hemorrhage
  7. Marked hypotonia of the uterus
    Uterine atony
  8. These may be predisposing factors for DIC
    • PPH
    • Abruptio placentae
    • Amniotic fluid embolism
    • Dead fetus
    • Severe preeclampsia
    • Sepsis
    • Saline abortion
  9. This is almost always unilateral and develops well after the flow of milk has been established;
    breast infection
  10. These are the causes of uterine atony
    • Large fetus
    • Polyhydramnios
    • Mg sulfate
    • Prolonged labor
  11. Delayed return of the uterus to normal size and function
  12. Nursing assessment of a client who complains of intense perineal pain
    Check perineum
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