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  1. Which nail disorder appears bluish in color, is common in older people, caused from poor circulation and you would want to massage/manicure with light pressure?
    Blue Nails
  2. Which nail disorder appears very soft, thin and weak, more flexible than normal nails and the free edge may curve over the fingertip? Manicure very carefully because the nails are fragile.
    Eggshell Nails
  3. Which nail disorder appears as horizontal, wavy ridges across the nails, caused by injury or systemic conditions? Light buff out ridges.
  4. Which nail disorder has a concave shape, also known as spoon nails? Caused by long term or systemic illness and you would want to file carefully and apply no pressure to nail plate.
  5. Which nail disorder has indented, vertical lines down the nail plate? An injury to the matrix causes cells to reproduce unevenly and you want to lightly buff, apply a ridge filler to help even out surface.
  6. Which nail disorder appears as claw nails with an increased curvature of nail, most often in the big toe? Clean well under free edge, file with emery board and keep nails short; as long as no signs of infection. A podiatrist should trim.
  7. Which nail disorder is also know as ingrown nails? Caused from poor nail trimming or environmental factors, can become infected- refer to a physician if infected or embedded too deep.
  8. Which nail disorder appears as thickening of the nail plate or abnormal outgrowth of the nail? Caused by injury or systemic, can disappear on it's own. Buff out nail plate to make even.
  9. Which nail disorder is associated with onychauxis and appears as swelling of the nail?
  10. What is the purpose of a nail service?
    to improve the appearance of the hands and nails.
  11. What are the five basic nail shapes?
    • Square
    • Squoval
    • Round
    • Oval
    • Pointed
  12. What shape is considered the strongest?
    What shape is considered the weakest?
    • Square = Strongest
    • Pointed = Weakest
  13. How is a french manicure done?
    White polish on free edge, pink or peach applied to the entire nail.
  14. How does a hot or oil cream manicure differ from a regular manicure?
    The hand is soaked in warmed cream or oil instead of water.
  15. What types of hands/nails is a hot oil or cream manicure best for?
    Dry, aging hands & ridged, brittle nails.
  16. What is nail art?
    A way to express creativity, ranging from simple patterns to detailed images.
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