CIMC golabilation week 16

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  1. What is the Thompson's definition of globalisation?
    The growing interconnectedness of different parts of the world, a process which gives rise to complex forms of interaction and interdepencency.
  2. What's Albrow's definition of globalisation?
    All those processes by which the peoples of the world are incorporated into a single world society.
  3. What aspects does the globalisation affect?
    • the economy
    • politics
    • the media
    • the society
    • our culture
    • the enviornment
  4. What are the actors of the globalisation?
    • nation-states
    • international governmental organisations (IGO)
    • international gorvernmental organisations (INGO)
    • trans-national corporations
    • people
  5. What is Gannett company?
    Gannett Company is a large media holding company, which deals with international media and marketing solutions.
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