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  1. What labs should be checked periodically on a patient taking a glitazone (TZD)?
  2. Chronic Rejection of a transplant can be characterized as?
    Obliterative vascular fibrosis.
  3. Release of what hormone from the liver results in gigantism?
  4. Telomerase enzymes are found in what type of cells?
    Stem cells, such as epidermal basal cells.
  5. MOA of flutamide?
    Antagonist at testosterone and DHT receptor.
  6. First line treatment for toxoplasmosis?
    Pyrimehtamine and sulfadiazine.
  7. First line tx for C. Neoformans meningitis?
    Amphotericin b.
  8. Which artery runs with the radial nerve?
    Deep brachial artery.
  9. Side effect of ethambutol?
    Optic Neuritis.
  10. How many calories per gram of protein, fat?
    • Protein: 4
    • Fat: 9.
  11. Which drugs slow the phase 0 AP?
    Class 1A (Na channel blockers): Quinidine, procainamide, Disopyramide.
  12. What does a low volume of distribution (3-5L) for a drug mean?
    • Trapped in plasma compartment
    • high molecular weight
    • high plasma binding
    • high charge
    • hydrophilic.
  13. What is the deficiency in homocystinuria?
    Cystathionine beta synthetase.
  14. Is active or passive transport used to uptake indirect bilirubin into hepatocytes, secrete direct?
    • Indirect uptake: Passive
    • Direct secretion: Active.
  15. The end intracellular consequence of nitrates for smooth muscle relaxation is?
    Myosin dephosphorylation.
  16. What enzyme converts heme to biliverdin (in ecchymoses)?
    Heme oxygenase.
  17. Abnormal ristocetin test is diagnostic for?
    Von Willebrand deficiency.
  18. What part of the bone is usually affected by hematogenously spread osteomyelitis?
    Metaphysis of long bones.
  19. What are snRNPs responsible for?
    Form spliceosomes: removal of introns from RNA.
  20. What is a severe side effect of halothane?
    Massive Hepatic necrosis (centrilobular).
  21. Sydenham chorea is a neurologic manifestation of?
    Acute Rheumatic Fever.
  22. What vitamin should be avoided in patients taking levodopa/carbidopa?
    B6 -- increases peripheral metabolism.
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