Bio Lab Final

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  1. phenotypes
    traits that physically express a gene
  2. allele
    different versions of a trait
  3. genotype
    the combination of alleles that a person has.
  4. recessive trait
    the presence of a dominant gene and is only expressed if both alleles are the recessive form of the gene
  5. EcoRi
    the endonuclease that causes breakage of the sugar phosphate bond between certain specific nucleotide bases (recognition sites)
  6. restriction endonucleases
    causes DNA molecules to become fractured into two pieces
  7. gel electrophoresis
    method used to separate DNA fragmentents of different sizes
  8. buffer solutions
    • poured into the wells. makes contact with electrodes.
    • ions in buffer solution conduct electricity
  9. Loading Dye
    dissolved in a dense sugar solution. it sinks to the bottom of the well with the DNA
  10. bromephenol blue
    contained in loading dye. moves the dye slightly ahead of all but the smallest DNA fragments
  11. ELISA
    enzyme linked immunosorbent assay- uses antibodies to detect the presence of a disease agent in the blood or other body fluid
  12. antibody
    protiens that reconize antigen and bind tightly to it
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