VA 165 and 170

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  1. site where drug action takes place
    target tissue
  2. if given SQ, a drug's action is ______ and if given IM, the action is more _____.
    slow; rapid
  3. An _______ produces the action of a substance while an __________ produces the opposite effect of a substance.
    agonist; antagonist
  4. the _____ is the main organ that metabolizes and eliminates drugs
  5. the lasr choice for method of admin of an oral med is:
    in drinking water
  6. blood vessels and tissue can be severly damaged if a drug is:
    Injected perivascularly
  7. organophosphate OD effects are due to what?
    anticholinesterase effects
  8. Acepromazine is classified as:
    phenothiazine tranquilizers
  9. The effects of narcotic agonists can be reversed by giving what?
    a narcotic antagonist
  10. corticosteroids can cause what?
    immune suppression
  11. Anti-inflammatory agents do what?
    reduce pain by reducing inflammation
  12. ________ has a very narrow margin of safety and can cause cardiac arrhythmias
  13. a loading dose is ______ ____ the maintenance dose
    higher than
  14. Which pair of agents have similar effects on the activities of the autonomic nervous system?
    anticholinergics and sympathomimetics
  15. what are "the 5 rights"?
    • right patient
    • right drug
    • right strength
    • right quantity
    • right frequency
  16. t/f: drug injections can cause death
  17. T/F: necrosis is a side effect of both an IV and IM injection
  18. T/F: the US patent office registers proprietary drugs and the FDA approves them
  19. T/F: TID means twice/day
  20. Pharmacokinetics refers to what?
    absorption, metabolism and excretion of agents from the body system
  21. Pharmacodynamics refers to what?
    interactions of chemicals with biological receptors
  22. "scrubbed" personnel that need to move past each other in the sx room should pass how?
    back to back
  23. How are instruments cleaned prior to wrapping and packing them?
    • soak in distilled water and instrument cleaner
    • scrub instruments (including joints and serrations) with a brush
    • rinse and place in ultrasonic cleaner
    • place in instrument milk (anti-rust, longer life)
    • dry and pack
  24. name 3 types of sterilization:
    • gas
    • steam
    • chemical/cold
  25. How does an autoclave sterilize?
    pressurized steam
  26. What temp/psi settings are used to sterilize instruments in an autoclave?
    250 degrees F and 15 psi
  27. to be sure steam penetrates the packs in an autoclave, we must wrap the packs ______ and place them in the autoclave _______.
    tightly; loosely
  28. How many wraps are used to prepare packs for sterilization?
  29. What is a Backhause clamp used for?
    attaching drapes to skin
  30. What is a kelly instrument?
  31. What is the medical term for placing an endotracheal tube into the trachea?
  32. What size clipper blade is used to clip fur at a surgical site?
  33. What are the 3 components of an endotracheal tube?
    • tube
    • cuff
    • small inflation tube
  34. What is the instrument used for seperating the edges of an abdominal incision?
  35. put the following suture sizes in order from smallest to largest:

    2; 3; 3-0; 2-0
    3-0; 2-0; 2; 3
  36. List 3 absorbable suture materials:
    • cat gut
    • PDS
    • Chromic gut
  37. name 3 non-absorbable suture materials:
    • stainless steel
    • nylon
    • silk
  38. What is the name of the needle holder that is also a scissor?
  39. what is a thoracotomy?
    incision into the chest
  40. Do surgical masks need to be sterile?
  41. Where is the sterile zone?
    • neck to waist
    • table-top to ceiling
  42. what is the difference between sterility and asepsis?
    Sterilization: infectious agents are killed or inhibited on inanimate objects

    Asepsis: infectious agents are killed or inhibited on living tissue
  43. Can curettes be used in dentistry as well as orthopedic surgery?
  44. do culturettes come in more than one size?
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